A rush and a push and 2013 is ours

Pic: Me/Declan Kelly When the rush and stress that is the end-of-year best-of lists (all those hyphens is enough to bring me out in a rash) is over, it’s time to start imagining what lies in store for the next 12 months of music. Being honest, I go through phases with music (and with blogging too, as my haphazard approach proves). Sometimes I’m all about new music, soaking up whatever fresh sounds I can get my ears around; other times I can’t find anything new that excites me, and retreat back to the familiar songs that made me swoon first … Continue reading A rush and a push and 2013 is ours

Soundcloud sounds: Toby Kaar, Sacred Animals remix

I’m not too sure how this one almost passed me by, but Toby Kaar has a new remix on his Soundcloud, this time of the Sacred Animals track Wired, Islands. What I love about Toby’s remixes is that they’re never what you expect – there are twists and turns, jolts and jerks and moments when you think you’re being brought down one path only to end up somewhere else. The focus starts off on the falsetto vocals and shimmery synths before blossoming into a riotous and colourful explosion of noise.  It’s somewhat ironic that the vocals feel downbeat but they’re … Continue reading Soundcloud sounds: Toby Kaar, Sacred Animals remix

Twin Shadow – Dublin date announced

A Dublin date has been announced for new kid on the block and current Sweet Oblivion fave, Twin Shadow. If you haven’t heard of this young fellow (aka George Lewis Jr) then please run to this website and have a listen to his debut album, Forget, for free. Being that I am a fan of quiffs, The Smiths, disco, teasing song lyrics that are on the right side of obtuse and videos that are deliberately grainy and just a little grimy, then, naturally, it so follows that I think Twin Shadow is rather wonderful. There’s something about the spooky, slightly … Continue reading Twin Shadow – Dublin date announced

It’s Not Unusual

File this under ‘essential weird listening’: a recording of a broken fairground calliope playing songs like ‘It’s Not Unusual‘, ‘Moon River‘ and ‘Those Were the Days’. Wonky, off-kilter and gloriously offbeat, the songs sound like they’re being performed by a troupe of drunk clowns.  The stuff of nightmares, perhaps, but captivating all the same. I think Irwin Chusid would love this. I found these songs on the Sweet Thunder website, which Alexis Petridis linked to on twitter last night. A little rummage around unearthed more gems: a young girl singing what may be a made-up song (?) and Roxie and … Continue reading It’s Not Unusual

Cork Rock City

About a day after I’d submitted my article to the Irish Times on Cork’s underground, I discovered that the Drop-D site was about to release a free download of music by Cork bands. It’s a particularly good omen that Cork has had the national spotlight shone on its music scene twice within the space of a month, and proof that there is so much going on in the city. The comprehensive free Drop D release consists of four compilations that span everything from electronica (Toby Kaar) to noise (Mersk) but mainly concentrate on rock and indie bands. CORK ROCK CITY … Continue reading Cork Rock City

Make some Nouveaunoise

Nouveaunoise have their new PANAKA EP up for free download here, and it’s a cracker. Panaka has fuzzy vocals, tinkling synths and a funky drumbeat that will make you want to get off your ass and dance, while the intro to Psychasonic is what would happen if Belle & Sebastian (it’s all in the flute) took steroids and spent the weekend listening to nothing but Flying Lotus. To celebrate the release of the PANAKA EP, their debut album PARAPHRASE ACCOLADE will be available for a limited time for only €3 in digital format and €5 on CD. The offer will … Continue reading Make some Nouveaunoise

Open ears: New Music Roundup

Melodica Deathship Irish hip hop is a pretty small market, and I often feel that those who become  hip-hop musicians/rappers are particularly brave souls.  When you think of hip hop, you don’t often picture an Irish guy or girl at the mic, but thankfully there are people brave and talented enough to break into this niche area. The latest group that has been getting massive praise is Melodica Deathship.  If, like me, you’re a fan of Anticon bands Subtle and Clouddead, you’ll find much to love here. This isn’t a standard one-man-at-the-mic joint, it’s sea shanties and folk tales, all … Continue reading Open ears: New Music Roundup