A rush and a push and 2013 is ours

Pic: Me/Declan Kelly When the rush and stress that is the end-of-year best-of lists (all those hyphens is enough to bring me out in a rash) is over, it’s time to start imagining what lies in store for the next 12 months of music. Being honest, I go through phases with music (and with blogging too, as my haphazard approach proves). Sometimes I’m all about new music, soaking up whatever fresh sounds I can get my ears around; other times I can’t find anything new that excites me, and retreat back to the familiar songs that made me swoon first … Continue reading A rush and a push and 2013 is ours

Podcast & Column: NewFound Sounds

Now is a very exciting time to be involved, in any way, with Irish independent music. It’s not that the music being made now is necessarily better than in times past, or more important, but that the game itself has changed. It is easier and cheaper to access recording materials; it’s easier and cheaper to promote your music thanks to the internet and its numerous iniatives; we still have great venues; the DIY spirit is alive and kicking; and collectives and labels are springing up all over the place. There is another side to all of these changes, and that’s … Continue reading Podcast & Column: NewFound Sounds

Nibiru, You Kiss By The Book, Niamh de Barra

Yesterday I squinted my way through an interview with the band Nibiru for a Community of Independents shoot at a sunny Bernard Shaw – it will be aired on DCTV on Thursday night, and online the next day. I had this image in my head of Nibiru as grizzly guys in their late 20s/early 30s – and it turns out they were a little more fresh-faced than that. They are all members of different bands and two of them had just come back from touring Europe with one of their other projects. It never fails to impress me how people can … Continue reading Nibiru, You Kiss By The Book, Niamh de Barra

Some musical things for the weekend

Happy (almost) weekend! Here’s the latest Sweet Oblivion show (click) and playlist Artist / Track / Album THEESatisfaction – Enchantruss – QueenS Big Star – Ballad of El Goodo – #1 Record Grandaddy – He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot Townes van Zandt – Waiting Around To Die Yawning Chasm – Seen Like A Bird’s Cold Cold Eye – Snarl Woven Skull – Cattlemart Crows – Moods of the Hill People Leyland Kirby – A fluid wilderness of nothing – Sadly, the future is no longer what it was (Limited edition) Áine O’Dwyer – In A Fugue State of … Continue reading Some musical things for the weekend

Latest Sweet Oblivion shows plus playlists…

Hey folks, here’s a little update on the most recent Sweet Oblivion shows. You can listen to them all on the RTÉ Radio Player, which is a really handy addition to the site. Here’s the link to the most recent show – if you click through to this, you will then be given the option to listen to even more Sweet Oblivion shows. Just click on ‘Listen Back Further’. As always, thanks to everyone who listens in, I couldn’t do the show without you. Here are the playlists for the most recent shows: [Artist – Track – Album] 9 February … Continue reading Latest Sweet Oblivion shows plus playlists…

Lightbox tour, Rest & Ten Past Seven gig, new Daniel Rossen song

The past two years have seen a huge rise in the amount of young electronic musicians emerging from their bedrooms and plonking themselves onto blogs, radio shows and into the ears of many. It’s not like Ireland wasn’t a place for great electronic-based music before, but it’s very easy now to get your hands on the software needed to make purely electronic tracks, and even easier to get your music online and into people’s heads. You don’t even have to release a full album – look at Toby Kaar, who is wowing people on the strength of a handful of … Continue reading Lightbox tour, Rest & Ten Past Seven gig, new Daniel Rossen song

Pick n’ Mix: Choice Music Prize, Out on a Limb Records, Winged Victory for the Sullen

It’s Friday, so how about a little catch up on what’s been going on this week? Music, radio, juicing (!) and more are included here. Choice Music Prize By now, we all know that The Choice Music Prize nominees have been announced – was your pick in there? I have to say that I’m delighted to see Tieranniesaur and Patrick Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands in there, and overall the list is really solid. It’s never going to satisfy everyone, and it’s nigh on impossible to put together a list of 10 nominees that every single person will be … Continue reading Pick n’ Mix: Choice Music Prize, Out on a Limb Records, Winged Victory for the Sullen