Who is Sweet Oblivion?


I’m a full-time journalist for print and radio, am a staff writer for TheJournal.ie and contribute or have contributed to:

Arena on RTE Radio 1 (music, books & film)

State.ie (music reviews and interviews)

Heineken Music (music reviews & interviews)

Thumped.com (music interviews & features)

Irish Independent (food, health & living features)

The Irish TimesThe Ticket (music features)

The Kildare Nationalist (news, features)

The Evening Echo – Downtown (music features) and Women on Wednesday (features)

The AntiRoom (feminism, women’s issues, features)

For three years I hosted a weekly radio show called Sweet Oblivion on the digital station RTE 2XM,

The diptych-style photos I feature are all taken by me on a Golden Half half-frame 35mm camera and the medium-format square photos were taken using my Lomography Diana F+.

The 35mm pics are taken on a Canon AE 1. There are more on my Flickr account.

Suggestions? Email them to sweetoblivionpress[at]gmail.com

Thanks for reading,



6 thoughts on “Who is Sweet Oblivion?

  1. Hey Aoife,

    Great blog, it’s not often someone can say post that interview you did with Mark Kolelek and it gets published within ten minutes! During lunch i may add!

    More please.


  2. Hey! thanks a million dudes 🙂 thanks for visiting and reading, much appreciated.
    Mark – ha! Now that’s what I call a good service 😉

  3. Hey! I had posted a message looking for a ‘from scratch’ green curry but had no way of emailing you to get it. And instead happened upon this sweet space. I love it! my email address is hello at meghantelpner dot com. Fun!

  4. Caught your show on 2xm by chance during a sunday morning lie-in. Think I’ve found a new radio show to supplement my BBC6 addiction. Nice one dude!

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