Nibiru, You Kiss By The Book, Niamh de Barra

Yesterday I squinted my way through an interview with the band Nibiru for a Community of Independents shoot at a sunny Bernard Shaw – it will be aired on DCTV on Thursday night, and online the next day. I had this image in my head of Nibiru as grizzly guys in their late 20s/early 30s – and it turns out they were a little more fresh-faced than that.

They are all members of different bands and two of them had just come back from touring Europe with one of their other projects. It never fails to impress me how people can jam, practise, write, tour and record with a number of different bands at the same time – and I say that as  a freelancer who is always juggling a few different things.

Here’s a track by Nibiru to whet your appetite for the interview:

You Kiss By The Book

In other news, Hefty Horse will present a special fundraiser for the band You Kiss By the Book (whose Americana stylings couldn’t be more different than Nibiru’s sound) in July

You Kiss By The Book + Mumblin Deaf Ro+ Hidden Highways
The Grand Social


Wednesday July 11th

That is a pretty sweet line up – entry is €10 with free digital copy of new album and doors are at 8pm.

Here’s more info from the band themselves on their fundraising intiative:

You Kiss By The Book have finished their third album, Family Tree, and are looking to raise some money to give it a physical release. The record was recorded wth the help of Sean Lynch is his recording studio in Cabra, mixed Paul and Fran at Storm Studios and mastered by Stephen Quinn at Anologue Heart.

The money made on the night will go towards releasing the album on CD, which we plan to have out towards the end of July. We will be accepting any extra donations for the album and we will give you a thank you on the liner notes. There will be t-shirts and vinyl available at a discounted price as well.

Niamh de Barra

Finally, Niamh de Barra has released another EP, Below the Sea. Niamh’s music is as dark and atmospheric as always, but this time she has expanded her sound, introducing electronic textures and beats. With its layered vocals and tribal grooves, it’s a treat for the ears.

You can download the album here.

Polaroid & pics by me


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