Let’s get Popical!

Has it really been a year since the Popical Island compilation #1 was released!? Strike me down with a feather. It has been a pretty amazing year for this Dublin-based collective, thanks to a stream of excellent shows and releases and a constant focus on keeping things fun, accessible and smart. The first compilation helped to introduce the collective and now this second one is here to cement its important role in Ireland’s DIY landscape. Once again the covers for these albums are all handmade – each one featuring a unique painted design courtesy of a group of Popicalists and … Continue reading Let’s get Popical!

Cork Rock City

About a day after I’d submitted my article to the Irish Times on Cork’s underground, I discovered that the Drop-D site was about to release a free download of music by Cork bands. It’s a particularly good omen that Cork has had the national spotlight shone on its music scene twice within the space of a month, and proof that there is so much going on in the city. The comprehensive free Drop D release consists of four compilations that span everything from electronica (Toby Kaar) to noise (Mersk) but mainly concentrate on rock and indie bands. CORK ROCK CITY … Continue reading Cork Rock City

Bigmouth Strikes Again

The Smiths nerds unite! I love this: A presenter with BBC’s Springwatch, Chris Packham, casually slips in one Smiths reference in each of his episodes. If, like me, you feel a warm glow of pride when you watch this, you’re probably very far gone in terms of music nerddom. If you were in Chris’s place, what band would you reference? video via @ChristineBohan Continue reading Bigmouth Strikes¬†Again