Let’s get Popical!

Has it really been a year since the Popical Island compilation #1 was released!? Strike me down with a feather.

It has been a pretty amazing year for this Dublin-based collective, thanks to a stream of excellent shows and releases and a constant focus on keeping things fun, accessible and smart. The first compilation helped to introduce the collective and now this second one is here to cement its important role in Ireland’s DIY landscape.

Once again the covers for these albums are all handmade – each one featuring a unique painted design courtesy of a group of Popicalists and an ingenious contraption made by Mike Stevens of Groom.

The official launch of the compilation – which features tracks by Land Lovers, Retarded Cop, Yeh Deadlies, Sea Pinks, Tierraniesaur, We Are Losers, Goodly Thousands and other ace bands – will take place this very Saturday, 25th June, upstairs in Whelan’s.

Admission is FREE and the CDs are just €10, or you can get a download pack with badges for €5.

It’s going to be one heck of an event – and I’m totally bummed as I’m going to miss it as I’ll be in Cork.

So please, git your ass down there for me and shimmy to the sounds of great music and feed off the great vibe that will be going down.

 Performing at this all-day gig (which starts at 2.30pm)

Yeh Deadlies

Jonny Fun and the …Hesitations


The Walpurgis Family

Land Lovers


We Are Losers


Sea Pinks

Pantone 247

Rhino Magic

Hello Moon

Goodly Thousands

and by satellite-link: Retarded Cop

…plus Popical DJs till late.

Download the first Popical Island compilation for €5 here.


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