Sista Mix-A-Lot

Remember mixtapes? It’s strange to think that just a decade ago cassette tapes and by extension mixtapes were a big part of my life, and other music-obsessed teens’ social and cultural lives. When I was a kid, I’d tape myself and my sisters singing and play-acting, or myself and my cousin singing songs we’d written ourselves, such as the classic ‘Working at the Grocer’s’. We’d entertain/torment our parents by making them listen back to our shrieking and giggling, convinced that we were super talented young girls. One summer, when I was about seven, I went through a phase of making … Continue reading Sista Mix-A-Lot

Cork Rock City

About a day after I’d submitted my article to the Irish Times on Cork’s underground, I discovered that the Drop-D site was about to release a free download of music by Cork bands. It’s a particularly good omen that Cork has had the national spotlight shone on its music scene twice within the space of a month, and proof that there is so much going on in the city. The comprehensive free Drop D release consists of four compilations that span everything from electronica (Toby Kaar) to noise (Mersk) but mainly concentrate on rock and indie bands. CORK ROCK CITY … Continue reading Cork Rock City