HMV closure, nostalgia, memories and music

Photo by me It feels like another lifetime, but in reality it has only been just over a decade since going to HMV (or Virgin Megastore, the other record store chain in Cork City when I was growing up) was a Big Thing for my peers and I (and, if you’re reading this, most likely you too) to do on a Saturday. I’ve so many memories of buying albums in there, browsing even when broke, learning about bands from friends, reading the backs of CDs to try and figure out if the album would be any good, buying singles on … Continue reading HMV closure, nostalgia, memories and music

Sista Mix-A-Lot

Remember mixtapes? It’s strange to think that just a decade ago cassette tapes and by extension mixtapes were a big part of my life, and other music-obsessed teens’ social and cultural lives. When I was a kid, I’d tape myself and my sisters singing and play-acting, or myself and my cousin singing songs we’d written ourselves, such as the classic ‘Working at the Grocer’s’. We’d entertain/torment our parents by making them listen back to our shrieking and giggling, convinced that we were super talented young girls. One summer, when I was about seven, I went through a phase of making … Continue reading Sista Mix-A-Lot