Make some Nouveaunoise

Nouveaunoise have their new PANAKA EP up for free download here, and it’s a cracker. Panaka has fuzzy vocals, tinkling synths and a funky drumbeat that will make you want to get off your ass and dance, while the intro to Psychasonic is what would happen if Belle & Sebastian (it’s all in the flute) took steroids and spent the weekend listening to nothing but Flying Lotus.

To celebrate the release of the PANAKA EP, their debut album PARAPHRASE ACCOLADE will be available for a limited time for only €3 in digital format and €5 on CD. The offer will last until the 15th of November, so get there quick!

Their next release will be a six track EP “which at the moment is being called Sequence Consequence“. Busy bees!

The band also promise that “Xmas will also see a couple of special shows featuring the full Nouveaunoise line-up.  More info on that soon.”

Can’t wait!

On Friday 26th November, band member Conor will take the helm for the Concern Fastival, when The Jimmy Cake, Patrick Kelleher, Nouveaunoise, Clockwork Noise and The Last Tycoons play Whelans at 7.45pm. Tickets available from Ticketmaster.


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