For Your Eyes & Ears: Orange Juice – Rip it Up – Top of the Pops

This Orange Juice video is gold, GOLD I tell you!

My favourite bits:

*The super-smiley dancers in front of the stage (especially the woman miming the lyrics)

*The dancers in spandex and short shorts – especially when they start ripping up sheets of paper (around 2.15mins)

*Edwyn’s awful miming (so funny!) and Malcolm and David’s over-dramatic miming of their guitar/bass playing

*The bit where Edywn gets a burst of confidence and grabs the mic (around 2.00mins)

*Edwyn laughing at someone in the crowd at around 2.42, just before he mistakenly pretends to sing

*The guys dancing up the front in leather jackets


This song got to No 8 in the UK charts in 1983…


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