Make some Nouveaunoise

Nouveaunoise have their new PANAKA EP up for free download here, and it’s a cracker. Panaka has fuzzy vocals, tinkling synths and a funky drumbeat that will make you want to get off your ass and dance, while the intro to Psychasonic is what would happen if Belle & Sebastian (it’s all in the flute) took steroids and spent the weekend listening to nothing but Flying Lotus. To celebrate the release of the PANAKA EP, their debut album PARAPHRASE ACCOLADE will be available for a limited time for only €3 in digital format and €5 on CD. The offer will … Continue reading Make some Nouveaunoise

Squarehead K9 session – download

Squarehead are bloody amazing, so I suggest you get your ass down to bandcamp and download their free K9 Sessions release immediately. Just click here and you’ll find three delicious tracks waiting for you: Axes of Love, an amazing cover of Cathy’s Clown (The Everly Brothers) and Circle. All three tracks were recorded for Phantom105.2 Fm’s I-CON show. Nice. Good news – they have an EP (the follow up to the Any Other City 7″ release) out soon. And if you tune into 2FM betwen 10pm – 12am this Sunday night, you’ll hear a track from that 7″ played on … Continue reading Squarehead K9 session – download

Land a Lovely Free Album

Any band worth their salt these days has a Bandcamp site, and Dublin band Land Lovers are no stranger to this resource. And being the generous types they are, they’re now offering people the chance to download both of their releases from their site for free. Just click here and let the musical journey commence. Land Lovers was formed by Pádraig Cooney in Dublin in 2007, initially as a solo project.  It has now blossomed into a five-piece band with a full-length album and EP under its belt. I admit that I am biased (I have a Land Lover of … Continue reading Land a Lovely Free Album