Land a Lovely Free Album

"Three cheers for downloaders!"

Any band worth their salt these days has a Bandcamp site, and Dublin band Land Lovers are no stranger to this resource. And being the generous types they are, they’re now offering people the chance to download both of their releases from their site for free. Just click here and let the musical journey commence.

Land Lovers was formed by Pádraig Cooney in Dublin in 2007, initially as a solo project.  It has now blossomed into a five-piece band with a full-length album and EP under its belt. I admit that I am biased (I have a Land Lover of my own at home to love), but I think these are two brilliant and, dare I say it, underrated releases and Pádraig is one of the best lyricists I’ve heard in a long time. Seriously. This dude can write. Just listen:

I’m not the only one who thinks they rock, though:

“uncommonly smart pop…fresh melodies engage first, then fantastic lyrics kick in…achingly sweet…the wonderful, self conscious love song The Black Country easily lives up to the standard of Back on the Chain Gang, from which it borrows its opening riff…perfectly formed collection. 4/5The Irish Times

“Beautiful guitar hooks, the production is near perfect for what is essentially a home recording – 4/5The Sunday Tribune

“A sparky little gem from Dublin’s DIY leftfield… with a stinging lyric sheet. Vocalist Pádraig Cooney is both wounded poet and cynical dissector of modern mores and his sonic furnishings of clipped guitars and wobbly eighties synths make for a smart, no-frills backdrop. A hugely promising and highly recommended debut.” – 4/5, RTÉ Guide

Land Lovers will play a late night gig upstairs in Whelans on 30th April.


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  1. Nice, thanks for sharing these! Getting emailed my links to download the FLAC now. This is totally the way to do this. I plan on releasing all my own stuff for free on my blog (when I actually get it finished).

    Thanks, Aoife and thanks Land Lovers.

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