New Land Lovers track

Well will ya look at this – a new track by Land Lovers, re-recorded and mastered and mixed and spit polished, all for your delicate ears to enjoy. Have an aul’ gander and a listen here at the Popical Island tumblr. Visit their myspace and send them love letters signed ‘yours, Owly’.

Land a Lovely Free Album

Any band worth their salt these days has a Bandcamp site, and Dublin band Land Lovers are no stranger to this resource. And being the generous types they are, they’re now offering people the chance to download both of their releases from their site for free. Just click here and let the musical journey commence….

Archive: Land Lovers interview

Romance, Romance By Aoife Barry Dubliner Padraig Cooney has only just released his debut album ‘Romance Romance’, under the moniker Land Lovers, but for a new person in the music scene, he’s attracting quite a bit of positive attention. Perhaps that’s got to do with the infectious melodies and witty lyrics that feature in his…