What’s happening as we re-enter and re-build Dublin?

At the dawn of 2019, I wrote a piece about how I felt like the Dublin I knew had been disappearing before my eyes; how a layer of buildings and memories was being disassembled and a new layer constructed over what I was familiar with. That version of me feels so much younger now, given…

The joy of Dead Eyes

No matter how many times I stumble across something – a song, a movie, a book – that gifts me way more than it promised, I find myself delighted and surprised by it. You know the kind of thing: something that ends up being more than the sum of its parts, that ends up meatier…

Thoughts on Minari

The film Minari is about the specific and the universal. It’s about the specificity of being a Korean dad in a family of four, trying to start a farm in rural Arkansas, a place you have never been before. On this farm, you want to grow vegetables which you are ultra-familiar with, and which remind…

The Land of No Junction

On Aoife Nessa Frances’s excellent debut album, looking back at early 2020, and Christmas difficulties.

Introducing: Get Around To It, the podcast

When you reach your 30s something annoying can start to happen: in the rush to get your life together (read: career, family, relationships, paying rent, etc) you can find that you don’t have enough time for the hobbies you once did. That’s not the case for everyone, and is something that can wax and wane….