Introducing: Get Around To It, the podcast

When you reach your 30s something annoying can start to happen: in the rush to get your life together (read: career, family, relationships, paying rent, etc) you can find that you don’t have enough time for the hobbies you once did. That’s not the case for everyone, and is something that can wax and wane.

But it’s a common topic among my friends – made even more pertinent by the fact that at no point in history has there been such a wealth of content out there for us to consume. Culture is everywhere at the touch of a button – which ironically makes finding time for it all even harder. We’re lucky! Oh wait.

But because we know it can be hard to keep up with everything, and we love sitting down and chatting culture with each other, myself and my friend Lauren Murphy – a freelance arts journalist – have decided to sit down once a month to chat about what we’ve been watching/reading/listening to, and what we think you (and we) might enjoy in the next month.

We’ve called the podcast Get Around To It (Arthur Russell fans represent!) because we know what it’s like to say ‘I really have to get around to watching/reading/listening to that…’.

Our first episode is out now, and in it we chat about: Eighth Grade, Fleabag (which I keep pronouncing ‘fi-leabag’ like I say ‘fillum’ instead of ‘film’), Game of Thrones,Constellations, Derry Girls and Fontaines DC. We also give you two books, a film and an album to watch out for in the coming month.

Plus we discuss the Lizzo ‘non-musician music reviewers should be unemployed’ comments, whether Fleabag is for posh girls, how difficult it is to make it in the music industry, which member of Game of Thrones we’d like to die, and if we’d love Fontaines DC more if we were 21.

If this podcast sounds like it was recorded on a borrowed Zoom in a kitchen while the two hosts were each enjoying a glass of red wine, well, that’s because it was. It’s not perfect, and we’ll be working to get the tech side of things improved, but in the Get Around To It spirit we thought it was better to get this out there doing the best we could rather than stress over perfection. Sure look!

Feedback? Email us at getaroundtoitpod@gmail com. Or tweet us @getaroundtoit_

You can find us on iTunes and Soundcloud for now. Enjoy!

And hope you get around to some great stuff this May.

Long exposure photos taken by me years ago on a drive to Cork


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