F1000030, a photo by Aoife B on Flickr. Golden Half

Wires 3

CNV00010, a photo by Aoife B on Flickr. Triple exposure at Body & Soul

The Jimmy Cake, Popical Island, Riona Sally Hartman

Believe it or not, that photo of Vinnie and John Dermody above wasn’t taken when the band which they are longtime members of, The Jimmy Cake, was formed back in 2000… though they look so youthful, it could well be. I interviewed them in the multi-patterned confines of the Parlour bar in Whelan’s last week…

Black Sun sets…

Photo by Andy Ferreira At the end of my last post I wrote about how things change in the music business, and how time is the only thing that can tell what will happen in the future. One imminent change for the Cork and wider Irish music scene is that Black Sun, the weirdo/experimental/improv/noise (I…


evening, a photo by Aoife B on Flickr. I got a roll of film developed last week but wasn’t too happy with the results unfortunately. Still, there were a few ones I liked, including this unintentional triptych. Sometimes with half-frame toy cameras the film gets stuck or during processing something occurs and you end up…

In flight

Crows in flight, a photo by Aoife B on Flickr.


Beach, a photo by Aoife B on Flickr. The beach at Minehead, Bristol, during this year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ festival.

The Small Hours

Today FM, a photo by Aoife B on Flickr. Taken during the Small Hours recording last week