Evil Uncle plots secret guerilla campaign

Want to get your music out to the masses? Well, why not take a leaf out of Evil Uncle‘s book and stick 5,000 copies under the windscreen wipers of cars at Electric Picnic?

When Evil Uncle released a new EP Songs for the Road on September 6th, he decided to take an unusual route in getting the music listened to. After pressing 7,000 copies, he decided to deposit them in selected and strange places throughout the country using the skills of the Evil Uncle Guerilla Distribution Army.

“We were going through the process of getting the EP into record stores and trying to decide a price and I just decided, fuck it, why not just give it away? There’s a recession going on and the people must have music. Besides, every drug dealer worth his salt knows that you give the first hit away for free…. Also I like the whole Alice in Wonderland type thing of people finding the EP on bus seats or in toilet cubicles and curiously playing it when they get home,” says the mysterious Evil Uncle.

Evil Uncle cites his influences as Grandaddy, Led Zeppelin, Pulp and Wilco – check out his  music here. If you missed out on the free cds, Songs for the Road is available for free download from his website.


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