2XM on 2FM

Well holy God, as Miley (rest Mick Lally’s soul) would say. It has been almost two years since 2XM launched and this month we got the really exciting news that 2XM shows are going to feature on RTE 2FM.

The wonderful powers that be have decreed that every Sunday from 10pm to 12am on 2FM will be dedicated to shows from 2XM, with presenters putting together special 20-minute long shows to entertain the masses.

Two weeks ago was the first week, and this Sunday night (12 September) is the second – and Sweet Oblivion is featuring!

I’ve crammed some of my favourite songs into the 20 minutes: Land Lovers, Squarehead, Benoit Pioulard, Janelle Monae and Zola Jesus all make an appearance.

If you turn the dial to 2FM at 10pm you can expect to hear shows from:

UnderCurrents with John Bella Reilly
The Release Point with Jenny Mulligan
Inches with Ciarán Ryan
Wired for Sound with Jan and Barry
Sweet Oblivion with Aoife Barry
The Suburban Dream Ciaran McCarthy
Why, it could be the most eclectic and enjoyable two hours of your week!*
Thanks to 2XM and 2FM for the opportunity – and best of luck to everyone who has shows that night.
*Hey, we can blow our own trumpets just this once, please? 😉

PS. I won’t be playing this, but….woo hoo!

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