New Music for Your Ears: I Hate You, Just Kidding

Oh yes, this duo is cute: boy-girl couple Jessi Fulghum and Jeremy Brock, aka I Hate You, Just Kidding, who make cute folk-dashed indie-pop that is just on the right side of twee.  I found them via the lovely Gluttonous Vegan, who knows her shiz.

I Hate You, Just Kidding are based in Costa Mesa, California, and listening to the track My Little Dove you can just picture them sitting on a front porch in the streaming sun, strumming and singing.  The slide guitar and harmonica add a touch of country gingham while Jessi’s honey-sweet voice could warm the hardest person’s heart.

If you like handclaps (‘Sundried Tomatoes’), sugary love songs (‘My Little Dove’) , and a bit of gentle rocking out (‘Speakeasy’), then IHYJK are the folksters for you.

Find them on Myspace, Blogspot, Facebook and Twitter


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