The final Sweet Oblivion on 2XM… and Camden Crawl Dublin gigs

Tonight will see the last Sweet Oblivion go out on RTÉ 2XM at 11pm. It has been a hard decision to make, but for now I’ve decided to take a break from the show. Sweet Oblivion has been going out on the digital station for almost four years, and aside from a year or two’s break I’ve been presenting a show under the Sweet Oblivion name for around 10 years, since the days of Cork Campus Radio in UCC… so it’s going to be strange not having a weekly show to make. 2XM is a fantastic resource and I was so … Continue reading The final Sweet Oblivion on 2XM… and Camden Crawl Dublin gigs

Focus on: Stop/Run

It never fails to amaze me how many people are creating beautiful, challenging and eye-opening music in Ireland. And in turn, it never fails to amaze me how many people get up off their arses and put on unusual gigs, or unique events, simply with the aim of bringing new sounds to people and exploring the realms of music and performance. There’s a real feeling in the air these days when it comes to Irish music events that if you can imagine it, it is possible. And this is being exploited in a wonderful way by those who call Ireland’s … Continue reading Focus on: Stop/Run

Focus on Galway: Us vs Them & the city’s hardcore scene

For part three of my Focus on Galway series (which is an extension of my recent article on Galway for The Ticket in The Irish Times), I have a longer interview with Daniel Hielscher, the man behind Us vs Them. He has brought countless hardcore bands to the city as well as playing in Only Fumes and Corpses and Neifenbach.

It was great to find out more about the hardcore scene, which is very much focused on DIY – so much so that one of the city’s bands have bought a vinyl pressing machine so they can press their own records.

It was really interesting to hear about the changes that have been taking place in the hardcore scene in Galway. (And by extension punk and metal; though the scenes are not the same, they share common members and elements – for the sake of not confusing readers, I’ll use ‘hardcore’ in this piece).

With many of the original members of the hardcore scene from the past two decades now in their thirties and forties, people are moving on in life, and for a lot of people this includes moving away from being a regular part of that scene. With families, jobs and other commitments, it’s not always possible for people to play in bands or get to as many gigs.

But Daniel told me that as some people are moving away from the scene, a younger group is moving into it, including teens who are themselves forming bands and getting gigging. Every ‘scene’ will naturally evolve and this is a particularly crucial time for the hardcore folks in Galway, as the younger members will feed off the guidance and example shown by the older men and women who’ve done it all before them.

Galway needs people like Daniel and Us vs Them, along with the many hardcore bands of all descriptions that play in the city, and the other promoters and gig-goers who help keep the hardcore flames burning.


Us Vs Them

Continue reading “Focus on Galway: Us vs Them & the city’s hardcore scene”

Focus on Galway: Citóg gigs

For part two of my closer look at the Galway music scene, we turn to Citóg, a gig night that proudly proclaims itself the ‘home of Galway music’. One essential part of a local music scene is having a place for musicians to play gigs – somewhere that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to book, or is free to play, or pays a few quid to the bands involved. Galway has had a number of nights throughout the years – including Stress!!, which was run by Tony Higgins, Jonny White and Garret Collins – and the latest is Citóg. … Continue reading Focus on Galway: Citóg gigs

Update: Gig cancellations due to bad weather

This bad weather is leading to a rake of gigs being cancelled – sad news for promoters! But a lot of them will be rescheduled so don’t lose faith. Cork: Pal Joey, due to play the Pavilion tonight (Friday 3 Dec) can’t make it down to Cork. The gig will be rescheduled – but if you head along to the venue, the House is a Home lads will be spinning some tunes till late so it’ll still be a great night. Dublin: Pal Joey‘s gig in Dublin has also been cancelled Cast of Cheers were supposed to play along with … Continue reading Update: Gig cancellations due to bad weather

Have a spooky Halloween with the evil Yeh Deadlies…

It’s Halloween tomorrow – All Hallow’s Eve, the night where all sorts of spooky happenings and evil deeds are done. It’s also a night where folk from around the country get dressed up in costumes and facepaint and meet friends to imbibe substances which may cause them to have an out of body experience….or wake up the next morning not knowing where they are. It’s dangerous out there on 31st October… One Irish group who have captured the dark spirit of Halloween in musical format are Yeh Deadlies, who will launch their ‘The Dead Living EP’ this very evening (Saturday … Continue reading Have a spooky Halloween with the evil Yeh Deadlies…

Check Out That Damn Funk!

I’m very VERY excited about these gigs. Faith No More – tomorrow night, whoop! (this video creeps the crap out of me) Dam Funk: Twisted Pepper, Dublin on October 23 and The Pavilion, Cork on 25th October . Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: (I still haven’t seen them in Ireland! For shame.) Electric Picnic, Roisin Dubh, Galway, 22nd October, The Pavilion, Cork, 23rd October, The Button Factory, Dublin, 24th October, and The Trinity Rooms, Limerick, 25th October. Continue reading Check Out That Damn Funk!