Onra, Yawning Chasm, Costello, Adventures of a Music Nerd

Some bits and bobs taking place over the next few weeks… I interviewed the MC/rapper Costello yesterday for DCTV – the interview will feature on the community tv programme Community of Independents this Thursday on DCTV (and aertv.ie). Not being the world’s greatest expert on Irish hip hop, I approached the interview with a bit of nerves, but it turned out really well as Costello was well able to chat and was really open about the different subjects we talked about. It was great education for me in what the Irish hip hop scene is up to, and I’ll be paying … Continue reading Onra, Yawning Chasm, Costello, Adventures of a Music Nerd

of Montreal do Michael Jackson

It’s not easy to cover a Michael Jackson song without sounding like a bad karaoke band – it’s even harder to do a Michael Jackson medley without sounding like you’re short on ideas and full of beer. But the glitter-shorts-wearing, eyeliner-loving, freak-funk-bassline-adoring of Montreal are just the band to tackle a Michael Jackson medley and turn the occasion into the greatest Halloween party you were never at. Shake your tailfeather! via Stereogum Also, their new album is a grower, folks. A freaking grower. The band went back to ‘real’ instruments this time around and enlisted the help of Janelle Monaé … Continue reading of Montreal do Michael Jackson