of Montreal do Michael Jackson

It’s not easy to cover a Michael Jackson song without sounding like a bad karaoke band – it’s even harder to do a Michael Jackson medley without sounding like you’re short on ideas and full of beer. But the glitter-shorts-wearing, eyeliner-loving, freak-funk-bassline-adoring of Montreal are just the band to tackle a Michael Jackson medley and turn the occasion into the greatest Halloween party you were never at. Shake your tailfeather! via Stereogum Also, their new album is a grower, folks. A freaking grower. The band went back to ‘real’ instruments this time around and enlisted the help of Janelle Monaé … Continue reading of Montreal do Michael Jackson

Archive: of Montreal interview

Labyrinthian Pomp

By Aoife Barry

Why play by the rules when you can set the rulebook on fire and dance on the flames? For Athens, Georgia-based band of Montreal, music isn’t something that has to be constrained by rules and regulations – who says things have to go verse-chorus-verse? Since the band was first formed by Kevin Barnes back in the late 1990s, they’ve gone from a pretty traditional lo-fi band to an all-out psychedelic group that bring their listeners on a wild trip through a world where the word ‘normal’ is banned. Key to this is the band’s theatrical live performances, which have recently seen Barnes bound on stage naked or astride a white horse. Who knows what we should expect when they play Dublin on January 28th.

It has been a long journey for of Montreal – through more than 20 releases, numerous side projects, the famed Elephant 6 Recording Company collective (which also produced Neutral Milk Hotel amongst other bands), extended stays in Norway, marriage, childbirth, break-ups and make-ups. But through it all, they’ve kept evolving, kept pushing the boat out and creating music that breaks down the notion of what ‘pop’ music really is. Their work was eventually recognised with the release of the dark ‘Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?’ in 2007 – and now, with ‘Skeletal Lamping’, things are about to seriously explode for this close-knit band. They’re currently in the middle of a US tour and will be back in Europe in the New Year – and they’re bringing with them a stage show that’s a feast for the eyes and the ears.

“Our show is theatrical,” explains an ebullient Kevin Barnes backstage before a show in Tampa, Florida. “We have three or four performance artists on stage with us and they’re doing a bunch of different things. We have little skits and things like that. But all the while we’re just playing the songs from the records and stuff. It’s almost like a meta-style performance where there’s all these things happening at the same time. Sometimes the things go along with the music; sometimes they’re just completely independent. We basically just wanted to create a dynamic entertaining visual performance to go along with the music.” Continue reading “Archive: of Montreal interview”