of Montreal do Michael Jackson

It’s not easy to cover a Michael Jackson song without sounding like a bad karaoke band – it’s even harder to do a Michael Jackson medley without sounding like you’re short on ideas and full of beer.

But the glitter-shorts-wearing, eyeliner-loving, freak-funk-bassline-adoring of Montreal are just the band to tackle a Michael Jackson medley and turn the occasion into the greatest Halloween party you were never at.

Shake your tailfeather!

via Stereogum

Also, their new album is a grower, folks. A freaking grower. The band went back to ‘real’ instruments this time around and enlisted the help of Janelle Monaé and Solange – and the results are quite sexy.

Here’s the nighmarishly delicious (deliciously nightmarish?) video for the surftastic single Coquette:


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