Perfect Plugd Pics

Pic by Barry Walsh (all pics used with permission)

Plugd is back.


And bigger and better than ever – like some sort of magical record store in an ad: Back! Bigger! Better! New Techno-House section curated by Albert! (Ok, I made the last bit up)

I finally made it into the new Plugd (which is located in the Triskel Loading Bay building opposite Cyprus Avenue on Caroline St in Cork) two weekends ago. I hopped in the door, yapped the ear off poor Jim and Albert, bumped into friends, and bought the new Four Tet LP. Just like old times.

It’s hard to put into words how important the reopening of this beloved record store is for Cork’s music scene, but to see it rising like a shiny phoenix, shaking the dust off its feathers and settling into its new home, is proof that good things happen to good people.

A huge congrats to the lads on the reopening.

Local photographer and DJ Barry Walsh has captured the spirit of the shop beautifully in a series of photographs he took for Plugd’s facebook page. Thanks Barry for letting me repost some here!

Click on the images to see the rest of Barry’s photographs.

Pic by Barry Walsh. Click for more.
Pic by Barry Walsh. Click for more.
Pic by Barry Walsh. Click for more.

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