Sweet Oblivion playlist – November 25th

Stone Throwing Youths – Too Much Information Stone Throwing Youths is the brainchild of young Cork musician Brian Casey, who for a young guy has oodles of talent. He’s a big fan of bands from the grunge era as you can hear from this track – but he doesn’t ape the work of his heroes, he puts his own stamp on his music. Great stuff. He’s signed to the new Subplot Records label. This track is available for free download here. Screaming Trees – Shadow of the Season – ‘Sweet Oblivion’ This quintessential grungey track is taken from my namesake, … Continue reading Sweet Oblivion playlist – November 25th

Liz Fraser speaks…

The Guardian has a new interview with Liz Fraser – wow! It’s a really interesting, raw and honest interview with her – am impressed with both the interviewer asking those questions and her being willing to answer them. Fraser is still furious with herself for staying in the band for two years (and another album, 1996’s Milk and Kisses) after her relationship with Guthrie ended – “but we were terribly over-contracted and I wasn’t strong enough to stop it”. The resulting tensions, she says, caused the greatest lasting damage. “Periodically, my mind is blown,” she says, “and I’m swamped in … Continue reading Liz Fraser speaks…

Sweet Oblivion playlist – 18th November

Sorry that this blog post is a week late! Proof that I need to write up these playlists every Wednesday night or they’ll get swallowed up by work in the following week…anyway, this week’s show started off Irish and loud, went a bit shoegazey in the middle and ended on a beautiful note. As always, here are videos, links and info on all the artists. Feedback or suggestions? Contact me on the Facebook page 🙂 ~Aoife Giveamanakick – Bobby Dazzler Limerick duo Giveamanakick announced recently that they were bringing their 7-year band to an end, and are currently in the … Continue reading Sweet Oblivion playlist – 18th November

Sweet Oblivion playlist 11th November

Here’s the playlist for the third Sweet Oblivion on 2XM…thanks to everyone who listened in tonight at 8pm! It’s repeated on Sunday at 10am. Midlake – Roscoe – ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther‘ Ah, by now ye’re probably sick of me going on about Midlake…if you don’t have this album, please, please buy it. Can’t wait for the gig next year…. Cat Power – Metal Heart – ‘Jukebox’ A wonderful re-recording of this Cat Power track, which was originally on the album  ‘Moon Pix’…this is such a wonderful song, really strong and emotive. Peter Broderick – And It’s Alright – … Continue reading Sweet Oblivion playlist 11th November

I heart Midlake

If I had to pick my top five favourite albums of, well, ever, one of them would most definitely have to be Midlake’s second album, The Trials of Van Occupanther. I know I’m most certainly not alone in thinking this is one of the most fantastic albums of the noughties and certainly one of the best released in 2006. I can be a pretty scatterbrained person at the best of times, and my mind is always racing with ideas and worries and thoughts, etc etc…like right now, I’m typing this while standing up with one eye on the oven where I … Continue reading I heart Midlake