Sweet Oblivion playlist 11th November

Here’s the playlist for the third Sweet Oblivion on 2XM…thanks to everyone who listened in tonight at 8pm! It’s repeated on Sunday at 10am.

Midlake Roscoe – ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther

Ah, by now ye’re probably sick of me going on about Midlake…if you don’t have this album, please, please buy it. Can’t wait for the gig next year….

Cat PowerMetal Heart – ‘Jukebox’

A wonderful re-recording of this Cat Power track, which was originally on the album  ‘Moon Pix’…this is such a wonderful song, really strong and emotive.

Peter BroderickAnd It’s Alright – ‘Home’

Another affecting song, this is the second track from Peter‘s debut album. It’s got a wonderful folky vibe to it…interesting fact, he got to know the band Efterklang through myspace and ended up moving to Denmark to play with them…!

Bedhead Roman Candle – ‘Bedheaded’

I only discovered Bedhead this year, which is a bit bizarre considering they’re right up my alley! Minimalist, ‘slowcore’ songs are (were) their specialty. There’s a fragility and vulnerability about their music that I really love. I can’t find a video for this song, so here’s another from this album.

Benoit PioulardIdyll – ‘Temper’

Oh, another Benoit song…I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Benoit Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch)’s music, ever. It’s just wonderful. So many layers, I hear something new every time I listen to him.

Deerhunter Cryptograms – ‘Cryptograms’

I was going to play something from ‘Weird Era Cont’ but I plumped for this instead – it took ages for this album to grow on me, not sure why!

(the visuals in this video are taken from Haxan – Witchcraft Through the Ages which I remember studying in college, oddly enough)

Boards of Canada1969 – ‘Geogaddi

What an amazing song…1969 in the sunshine indeed….

The Vinny Club –  It’s Not You it’s OF – ‘Rocky IV Recyrd’

The Vinny Club is Vinny from Adebisi Shank, and it’s his chance to play 8-bit pop influenced from his many hours playing video games at home…this is from a great album inspired by Rocky IV. Awesome.

Prefuse 73 and the BooksPagina Dos – ‘Prefuse 73 Reads the Books’

My friend Adam gave me this album a few years back and I ended up listening to it over and over and over again…fantastic stuff! Both of these bands are great, but put them together and the result is sublime.

Vashti Bunyan Against the Sky – ‘Lookaftering’

Many of you will have heard of Vashti thanks to her album ‘Just Another Diamond Day’, which was released in 2000 and led to her being acclaimed by musicians from the ‘weird Americana’ movement that emerged after that time. She went on to record this solo album. Vashti will be playing at the Homelights Festival (curated by Adrian Crowley and Foggy Notions) this month – details here.

Linda Perhacs – Who Really Cares?-Parallelograms

This song is taken from a fantastic old folk album that was originally released to little fanfare in 1970, but thankfully ended up being re-released in 2005. Linda Perhacs has such a lovely, sweet voice and there’s a real sense of innocence and spirituality about these songs. A beautiful album for night time listening.

Neasa Therese Doherty

Nessa is an Irish musician who’s part of the new Popical Island collective that features bands like Groom, Land Lovers and Lie Ins. I can’t find much about her online, so if you have any info I’d be delighted to hear it! I’ll be playing tracks by these bands over the coming weeks and months, and do check out the link above for more info.

Ben Frost -The Carpathians / O God Protect Me

Australian musician Ben Frost has decamped to er, frostier climes after signing to Icleandic label Bedroom Community, and perhaps the new surroundings have helped to add a glacial feel to his music. It’s really hard to describe his stuff without resorting to words like ‘atmospheric’, ‘epic’ and suchlike… listening to ‘By The Throat’ is, for me, what it must feel like being trapped in a dense, snow-covered forest, darkness surrounding you, with only the local wolves for company…

Listen to the album below:

John DalyDo It – ‘Sea and Sky’

John Daly is a Cork producer who’s getting a bigger and bigger name for himself as the months go by.  Now based in Galway, he trades in music that’s at times house, techno, disco and more….this song is taken from his debut album, ‘Sea and Sky’.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Quint1 says:

    wow, someone else likes The Books. Amazing band.

  2. sweetoblivion26 says:

    They’re excellent alright! I have to say though as much as I liked their stuff, it only ‘clicked’ when I saw them live at ATP in 2006, it all started to make sense then! 🙂

  3. theharro says:

    Wow. Thanks for reminding me how great that Linda Perhacs album is. Must give it a spin later. Just been youtubing her since reading this – never realised she was a dentist:

    Haha, “Pass the LSD…..i mean, mouthwash!”
    This is still my favourite track of hers I reckon:

    So sad it’s spooky. Amazing to think she left it off ‘Parallelograms’ – which turned out to be her only album I think – although maybe it’s not quite hippy-dippy enough. More of a Karen-Carpenter-alone-at-4am vibe goin on here. Amazing track all the same. Cheers for the Vashti too – really looking fwd to the Whelans gig.

  4. sweetoblivion26 says:

    Glad the show reminded you of her album! 😀 she’s great alright. Yep think it was only that one album, she does gig around the place these days though which is cool!

    Never seen that documentary before, thanks so much for the link!!

    I love that folkie hippy vibe, there is loads out there I still have to hear…a lot of old albums were re-released around 2005/6 when Devendra Banhart & Co were singing their praises, but it seems a bit quiet since. Must go digging!

  5. Paulie says:

    Kudos on the attention to detail. [including the videos!]

  6. sweetoblivion26 says:

    Aw thanks Paul! Figure it’s a good way of remembering what I’ve played and sharing the music with people 🙂

  7. sweetoblivion26 says:

    Brilliant, thanks a million for that!

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