Sweet Oblivion Playlist 4th November

The second Sweet Oblivion radio show went out on 2XM tonight at 8pm – it’s repeated on Sunday at 10am if you missed it! It was a bit of a country-ish show tonight, hope people enjoyed it!
Here’s the playlist:

Neko Case – ‘Deep Red Bells’ – Blacklisted

Neko Case is an alt-country stalwart who has an amazing voice, songwriting skills to die for and an independent, fiery spirit that I really admire. Last time she played in Ireland I went to see her in Cork and Galway, despite the risk of looking like a stalker! Her merch lady was lovely and, when she saw I was wearing a Hideout pin (it’s a Chicago venue), she gave me some free Neko badges which I treasure. This track’s from Neko’s ‘Blacklisted’, which was the first album I got of hers – I bought it in Reckless Records in Chicago. Lots of Chicago links with Neko!

This song is about the Green River Killer…shudder!

Big Star – ‘Ballad of El Goodo’ – #1 Record

Big Star are one of those almost seminal bands who are considered power-pop heroes. Alex Chilton, the frontman, is an almost legendary character who lived quite the rock n roll lifestyle. This is from their debut album – do they even make debut albums like this anymore?

Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day

I used to play this song a lot on the old Sweet Oblivion. It’s such a sad, sad song, but so beautiful. I went through a serious phase of being obsessed with Sufjan (thanks to a friend Jim who burned ‘Seven Swans’ for me!) after ‘Seven Swans’ came out, and when I worked for a few months in a record shop I tried to sell as many copies of his albums as possible…!

John Vanderslice – ‘Fetal Horses’ – Romanian Names

Have I said yet that I can’t go to this gig on Friday? Oh yes I have… *cry* If you’re going to this, enjoy you lucky feckers…and tell him I said hi! This is a track from his latest album, which is one of my favourite releases from 2009.  Check out my interview with the man himself here.

John Vanderslice – White Dove – Emerald City

Possibly my favourite of John’s tracks, with really dark and affecting lyrics. Amazing.

Andrew Bird – ‘Imitosis’ – Armchair Apocrypha

Oh Andrew Bird, you classically trained, multi-talented musician, you – putting us to shame with your gift for writing songs with little-used words and perfect pronounciation….

If you hate insects (like me) you’ll find this video pretty tough going!

The Besnard Lakes – Disaster – The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse

This Canadian band really are dark horses! I did a google to find out what they’ve been up to and it turns out they’re finally releasing their third album in 2010…I bloody hope so! This is a wonderfully epic and dramatic album.

Calexico and Iron & Wine – He Lays in the Reins

I LOVE love love this collaboration by Calexico and Iron & Wine – it’s just pure country perfection. It doesn’t seem to be talked about much, but for a short album it packs nothing but quality in. Fantastic.

The Hedge Schools – Sunday Song

Pat Barrett from Ten Speed Racer is The Hedge Schools – this album didn’t get all the attention it deserved when it was released in 2008, I think. It really is a lovely album that sounds great when listened to on a wintery night with candles lighting…so atmospheric (mainly due to the Hammond organ used on it)

Junior 85 – Indie Cool Kids of Tomorrow are Plastic Surgery Disasters of Tomorrow

Junior 85 is Tony Higgins, a Galway-based musician who has drummed for the likes of So Cow. His solo stuff is really great and he has written a LOT of songs. They touch on a number of genres and this particular song has a really cool Sonic Youth vibe to it. Great stuff! Visit his myspace to buy his eps here.

Laura Sheeran – It’s Been A Long Day 4 Marc

Another weird (in the nicest sense!) and wonderful song from Laura Sheeran, who will be playing the Black Sun gig at the Granary Theatre in Cork city this Saturday (6th November).

Bonnie Prince Billy – Death to Everyone – I See a Darkness

This BPB track is a morbidly beautiful song. It reminds me of working in the local shop in Douglas in Cork and listening to Dave Fanning on the rare occasions the manager would change the radio from 96Fm to 2Fm…


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