Sweet Oblivion playlist – 18th November

Sorry that this blog post is a week late! Proof that I need to write up these playlists every Wednesday night or they’ll get swallowed up by work in the following week…anyway, this week’s show started off Irish and loud, went a bit shoegazey in the middle and ended on a beautiful note. As always, here are videos, links and info on all the artists. Feedback or suggestions? Contact me on the Facebook page 🙂


Giveamanakick Bobby Dazzler

Limerick duo Giveamanakick announced recently that they were bringing their 7-year band to an end, and are currently in the midst of a farewell tour. They’ll definitely be missed – but it won’t be the last we’ll see of them, especially as Steve has another album by his solo project, Windings, out soon. Best of luck to both of them!

Yakuza West of the Best

This is the latest single by Belfast band Yakuza, who have their debut album proper due out soon. Love the idea behind this video, it’s gas. Find out more about them at their myspace site.

Cajole and BullyDebauchery – ‘Cajole and Bully EP’

This great track is taken from Cork band Cajole and Bully’s first EP.  This is a band to really keep an eye on in the next year- hopefully in 2010 we’ll see their debut album and it’ll be stuffed with more tunes like this! They’re playing a gig tomorrow night (26th November) upstairs in Dolan’s in Limerick, supported by Black Robots and The Vagabonds.

Sonic Youth100% – ‘Dirty’

Sonic Youth are one of those bands that really don’t need introducing…they’re playing in Dublin 6th December in Vicar St, supported by Blood Stereo, who play the Pavilion the previous night for Black Sun.

Pavement Gold Soundz – ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’

Pavement are back on the touring scene and are set to play Primavera Sound 2010. So dig out your old t-shirts, or get your credit card out to book tickets if you missed ’em last time around!

Zealots Little Hisses – ‘Flowers for my Broken Head EP’

Dublin band Zealots send me their EP recently and I was particularly taken by this track. They’ve a few gigs lined up in the next while, so do check out their myspace for info and dates.

Cocteau TwinsCarolyn’s Fingers (for Martin, Lara and Ronan) – ‘Blue Bell Knoll’

I have a big place in my heart for the Cocteau Twins, and this song in particular. I played it this week for the biggest Cocteau Twins fan I know, Martin Finke, whose beautiful wife Lara recently gave birth to their first baby, the gorgeous Ronan. I wish the happy family all the best in the future.

(Doesn’t Liz Fraser look so ethereal and childlike in this video?)

Felt feat. Liz FraserPrimitive Painters – ‘Ignite the Seven Cannons’

You can never have too much Liz Fraser…here, she’s singing on the Felt song Primitive Painters, which is so bloody good. I really need to get into more Felt stuff- all I have is ‘Gold Mine Trash’. Any recommendations?

Joy DivisionAtmosphere – ‘Substance’/’Permanent’ compilations

The Anton Corbjin-directed video for this song is as brooding as the band themselves…what a track. It was used at the end of the haunting Control to great effect.

Gang Gang DanceVacuum – ‘St Dymphna’

Yes, they ripped off My Bloody Valentine a lot in this song…but I can’t help and love it all the same! The key to it is its repetitiveness.

Laura Sheeran I Watched A Family

Laura has to be one of my favourite music discoveries this year, hence why I’ve played her on nearly all my shows so far! Check her out here.

Agitated Radio PilotThe Heart is Deceitful Above All Things – ‘A Field Day’ EP
This is from the new EP by Agitated Radio Pilot, which you can buy through the fab Rusted Rail label. I presume the title was taken from the infamous JT Le Roy book…

65 Days of StaticDrove Through Ghosts To Get Here – ‘One Time for All Time’

This first track from the second 65 Days of Static album is a great opener – love the piano. They’re a brilliant live band and are playing the U:Mack birthday party soon – details here.

Phillip GlassMetamorphosis 4 – Metamorphosis I – V

The whole Metamorphosis suite just kills me in the best possible way – it really gives me goosebumps…amazing, amazing stuff.


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  1. Paul says:

    Sorry Aoife, I’m a bit late coming to this one… found you via ‘Adventures in Veg’, via my beau’s blog ‘Supper Satisfaction’.

    Your next Felt buys should be:
    1. Forever Breathes the Lonely Word,
    2. Poem of the River,
    3. The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories,
    4. Ignite the Seven Cannons.
    … in my particular order mind 😉


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