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November 29, 2009

Sweet Oblivion playlist – November 25th

by sweetoblivion26

Stone Throwing YouthsToo Much Information

Stone Throwing Youths is the brainchild of young Cork musician Brian Casey, who for a young guy has oodles of talent. He’s a big fan of bands from the grunge era as you can hear from this track – but he doesn’t ape the work of his heroes, he puts his own stamp on his music. Great stuff. He’s signed to the new Subplot Records label. This track is available for free download here.

Screaming TreesShadow of the Season – ‘Sweet Oblivion’

This quintessential grungey track is taken from my namesake, the ‘Sweet Oblivion’ album. Awesome, dude….

Land LoversPaul Treacy Probably Knows – ‘Immoveable Feet’

This is taken from the latest EP by the wonderful Land Lovers, who are a Dublin-based band and part of the Popical Island collective. Expect more from them in 2010.

Matthew SweetTime Capsule – ‘Time Capsule: Matthew Sweet 90 – 00′

My boyfriend is a big Matthew Sweet fan, so over the years I’ve heard a lot of his stuff – this is one of my favourites. Pure power pop!

Lawrence Arabia – Beautiful Young Crew

This is a new single from Lawrence Arabia, aka James Milne from New Zealand, formerly of bands The Brunettes and The Ruby Suns. It’s taken from his debut album ‘Chant Darling’, which he recorded after he moved to London. He’s signed to the Bella Union label.

Yawning Chasm To The Void

Yawning Chasm are on the Rusted Rail label, an Irish label that I’ve taken many tracks from for recent shows. Find out more and buy the gorgeous ‘The Shadow Is That Hidden’ EP online here.

Hauschka Zahnlucke – ‘Room to Expand’

Myself and some friends went to see Hauschka play at the Sugar Club two weeks ago, and it was most definitely one of my favourite gigs of the past year. He puts different objects into his grand piano as ‘preparations’ which vibrate and make different sounds depending on which key is pressed, which was both a delight to see and hear. He was a really forthcoming and funny guy, and the fact he improvised most of the set was just mindblowing. This song, he said, is about the little gaps his sisters and mum have between their front teeth.

John Coltrane In a Sentimental Mood – Duke Ellington & John Coltrane – ‘Duke Ellington & John Coltrane’

Nowt like a bit of jazz of a winter evening…more on next week’s show!  The first few notes of this are pure perfection.

Moondog Bird’s Lament – ‘The German Years’

Written for Charlie Parker after his death, this Moondog song is just wonderful. It was sampled by Mr Scruff not too long ago, so it might be familiar to people from that. It’s probably one of Moondog’s best known songs.

Johann Johannsson The Rocket Builder – ‘Fordlandia’

Jóhann Jóhannsson is a hugely prolific composer and musician who has composed music for films, plays and man other projects, as well as working on his own solo stuff. This track is a perfect example of his ability of conjuring up a mystical atmosphere that will transport you to another place…

Low Be There – ‘Songs for a Dead Pilot’

Low= Love. I can’t find the video for ‘Be There’, so here’s the one for Landlord that is also on this very downbeat, minimalist EP.

Stars of the LidRequiem for a Dying Mother Pt 1 – ‘The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid’

Sparse, sad, emotive…a nice way to end the show, I hope.

November 27, 2009

I’m on RTE Radio 1 tonight…

by sweetoblivion26

My sister's dog. Unrelated to this blog post, but cute nonetheless.

On Arena with Sean Rocks just after the 8pm news.

I’ll be talking about two new album releases of the pop variety…you can listen online here.


November 27, 2009

Liz Fraser speaks…

by sweetoblivion26

The Guardian has a new interview with Liz Fraser – wow! It’s a really interesting, raw and honest interview with her – am impressed with both the interviewer asking those questions and her being willing to answer them.

Fraser is still furious with herself for staying in the band for two years (and another album, 1996’s Milk and Kisses) after her relationship with Guthrie ended – “but we were terribly over-contracted and I wasn’t strong enough to stop it”. The resulting tensions, she says, caused the greatest lasting damage. “Periodically, my mind is blown,” she says, “and I’m swamped in feelings I can’t deny.”

November 25, 2009

Sweet Oblivion playlist – 18th November

by sweetoblivion26

Sorry that this blog post is a week late! Proof that I need to write up these playlists every Wednesday night or they’ll get swallowed up by work in the following week…anyway, this week’s show started off Irish and loud, went a bit shoegazey in the middle and ended on a beautiful note. As always, here are videos, links and info on all the artists. Feedback or suggestions? Contact me on the Facebook page :)


Giveamanakick Bobby Dazzler

Limerick duo Giveamanakick announced recently that they were bringing their 7-year band to an end, and are currently in the midst of a farewell tour. They’ll definitely be missed – but it won’t be the last we’ll see of them, especially as Steve has another album by his solo project, Windings, out soon. Best of luck to both of them!

Yakuza West of the Best

This is the latest single by Belfast band Yakuza, who have their debut album proper due out soon. Love the idea behind this video, it’s gas. Find out more about them at their myspace site.

Cajole and BullyDebauchery – ‘Cajole and Bully EP’

This great track is taken from Cork band Cajole and Bully’s first EP.  This is a band to really keep an eye on in the next year- hopefully in 2010 we’ll see their debut album and it’ll be stuffed with more tunes like this! They’re playing a gig tomorrow night (26th November) upstairs in Dolan’s in Limerick, supported by Black Robots and The Vagabonds.

Sonic Youth100% – ‘Dirty’

Sonic Youth are one of those bands that really don’t need introducing…they’re playing in Dublin 6th December in Vicar St, supported by Blood Stereo, who play the Pavilion the previous night for Black Sun.

Pavement Gold Soundz – ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’

Pavement are back on the touring scene and are set to play Primavera Sound 2010. So dig out your old t-shirts, or get your credit card out to book tickets if you missed ’em last time around!

Zealots Little Hisses – ‘Flowers for my Broken Head EP’

Dublin band Zealots send me their EP recently and I was particularly taken by this track. They’ve a few gigs lined up in the next while, so do check out their myspace for info and dates.

Cocteau TwinsCarolyn’s Fingers (for Martin, Lara and Ronan) – ‘Blue Bell Knoll’

I have a big place in my heart for the Cocteau Twins, and this song in particular. I played it this week for the biggest Cocteau Twins fan I know, Martin Finke, whose beautiful wife Lara recently gave birth to their first baby, the gorgeous Ronan. I wish the happy family all the best in the future.

(Doesn’t Liz Fraser look so ethereal and childlike in this video?)

Felt feat. Liz FraserPrimitive Painters – ‘Ignite the Seven Cannons’

You can never have too much Liz Fraser…here, she’s singing on the Felt song Primitive Painters, which is so bloody good. I really need to get into more Felt stuff- all I have is ‘Gold Mine Trash’. Any recommendations?

Joy DivisionAtmosphere – ‘Substance’/’Permanent’ compilations

The Anton Corbjin-directed video for this song is as brooding as the band themselves…what a track. It was used at the end of the haunting Control to great effect.

Gang Gang DanceVacuum – ‘St Dymphna’

Yes, they ripped off My Bloody Valentine a lot in this song…but I can’t help and love it all the same! The key to it is its repetitiveness.

Laura Sheeran I Watched A Family

Laura has to be one of my favourite music discoveries this year, hence why I’ve played her on nearly all my shows so far! Check her out here.

Agitated Radio PilotThe Heart is Deceitful Above All Things – ‘A Field Day’ EP
This is from the new EP by Agitated Radio Pilot, which you can buy through the fab Rusted Rail label. I presume the title was taken from the infamous JT Le Roy book…

65 Days of StaticDrove Through Ghosts To Get Here – ‘One Time for All Time’

This first track from the second 65 Days of Static album is a great opener – love the piano. They’re a brilliant live band and are playing the U:Mack birthday party soon – details here.

Phillip GlassMetamorphosis 4 – Metamorphosis I – V

The whole Metamorphosis suite just kills me in the best possible way – it really gives me goosebumps…amazing, amazing stuff.

November 17, 2009

Sweet Oblivion on Facebook

by sweetoblivion26

Hey all! If you want to keep up to date with Sweet Oblivion the radio show, you might want to become a ‘fan’ (tragic, I know…) of it on Facebook here.

At the moment I’m interested in compiling a ‘listeners’ favourites’ show for late December, so you can let me know your choices on the site.



November 11, 2009

Sweet Oblivion playlist 11th November

by sweetoblivion26

Here’s the playlist for the third Sweet Oblivion on 2XM…thanks to everyone who listened in tonight at 8pm! It’s repeated on Sunday at 10am.

Midlake Roscoe – ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther

Ah, by now ye’re probably sick of me going on about Midlake…if you don’t have this album, please, please buy it. Can’t wait for the gig next year….

Cat PowerMetal Heart – ‘Jukebox’

A wonderful re-recording of this Cat Power track, which was originally on the album  ‘Moon Pix’…this is such a wonderful song, really strong and emotive.

Peter BroderickAnd It’s Alright – ‘Home’

Another affecting song, this is the second track from Peter‘s debut album. It’s got a wonderful folky vibe to it…interesting fact, he got to know the band Efterklang through myspace and ended up moving to Denmark to play with them…!

Bedhead Roman Candle – ‘Bedheaded’

I only discovered Bedhead this year, which is a bit bizarre considering they’re right up my alley! Minimalist, ‘slowcore’ songs are (were) their specialty. There’s a fragility and vulnerability about their music that I really love. I can’t find a video for this song, so here’s another from this album.

Benoit PioulardIdyll – ‘Temper’

Oh, another Benoit song…I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Benoit Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch)’s music, ever. It’s just wonderful. So many layers, I hear something new every time I listen to him.

Deerhunter Cryptograms – ‘Cryptograms’

I was going to play something from ‘Weird Era Cont’ but I plumped for this instead – it took ages for this album to grow on me, not sure why!

(the visuals in this video are taken from Haxan – Witchcraft Through the Ages which I remember studying in college, oddly enough)

Boards of Canada1969 – ‘Geogaddi

What an amazing song…1969 in the sunshine indeed….

The Vinny Club –  It’s Not You it’s OF – ‘Rocky IV Recyrd’

The Vinny Club is Vinny from Adebisi Shank, and it’s his chance to play 8-bit pop influenced from his many hours playing video games at home…this is from a great album inspired by Rocky IV. Awesome.

Prefuse 73 and the BooksPagina Dos – ‘Prefuse 73 Reads the Books’

My friend Adam gave me this album a few years back and I ended up listening to it over and over and over again…fantastic stuff! Both of these bands are great, but put them together and the result is sublime.

Vashti Bunyan Against the Sky – ‘Lookaftering’

Many of you will have heard of Vashti thanks to her album ‘Just Another Diamond Day’, which was released in 2000 and led to her being acclaimed by musicians from the ‘weird Americana’ movement that emerged after that time. She went on to record this solo album. Vashti will be playing at the Homelights Festival (curated by Adrian Crowley and Foggy Notions) this month – details here.

Linda Perhacs – Who Really Cares?-Parallelograms

This song is taken from a fantastic old folk album that was originally released to little fanfare in 1970, but thankfully ended up being re-released in 2005. Linda Perhacs has such a lovely, sweet voice and there’s a real sense of innocence and spirituality about these songs. A beautiful album for night time listening.

Neasa Therese Doherty

Nessa is an Irish musician who’s part of the new Popical Island collective that features bands like Groom, Land Lovers and Lie Ins. I can’t find much about her online, so if you have any info I’d be delighted to hear it! I’ll be playing tracks by these bands over the coming weeks and months, and do check out the link above for more info.

Ben Frost -The Carpathians / O God Protect Me

Australian musician Ben Frost has decamped to er, frostier climes after signing to Icleandic label Bedroom Community, and perhaps the new surroundings have helped to add a glacial feel to his music. It’s really hard to describe his stuff without resorting to words like ‘atmospheric’, ‘epic’ and suchlike… listening to ‘By The Throat’ is, for me, what it must feel like being trapped in a dense, snow-covered forest, darkness surrounding you, with only the local wolves for company…

Listen to the album below:

John DalyDo It – ‘Sea and Sky’

John Daly is a Cork producer who’s getting a bigger and bigger name for himself as the months go by.  Now based in Galway, he trades in music that’s at times house, techno, disco and more….this song is taken from his debut album, ‘Sea and Sky’.

November 5, 2009

I heart Midlake

by sweetoblivion26

If I had to pick my top five favourite albums of, well, ever, one of them would most definitely have to be Midlake’s second album, The Trials of Van Occupanther. I know I’m most certainly not alone in thinking this is one of the most fantastic albums of the noughties and certainly one of the best released in 2006.

I can be a pretty scatterbrained person at the best of times, and my mind is always racing with ideas and worries and thoughts, etc etc…like right now, I’m typing this while standing up with one eye on the oven where I have cupcakes baking and chocolate melting…and I’m suppose to be resting as I have a horrendous sore throat!  I suppose what I’m trying to say is it takes something really arresting to make me stop and take a breather, and the very first time I heard Midlake’s ‘Roscoe’ (on an Uncut compilation on the bus to work in Galway) I had one of those moments where I just stopped and listened. And then I went back and played the song again. And again. And again.

And each time it just got better and better: the keyboards in the intro; the harmonies; the slightly indecipherable lyrics, the pastoral imagery. I’d been told that Midlake were good, but by God I didn’t expect that.

Midlake played Dublin (but not Galway, sigh) later that year – and now, what feels like a really, really long three years later, they’re finally – FINALLY! – back with a new album and an Irish gig. Rather fittingly given the amount of love that we have for them here in Ireland, they’re playing on Valentine’s Day, 14th February, at Vicar St.

They love us, they really love us….

Tickets for Midlake go on sale tomorrow (Friday) morning. They’re €23 each.  Their new album The Courage Of Others will be out in early 2010.

November 4, 2009

Sweet Oblivion Playlist 4th November

by sweetoblivion26

The second Sweet Oblivion radio show went out on 2XM tonight at 8pm – it’s repeated on Sunday at 10am if you missed it! It was a bit of a country-ish show tonight, hope people enjoyed it!
Here’s the playlist:

Neko Case – ‘Deep Red Bells’ – Blacklisted

Neko Case is an alt-country stalwart who has an amazing voice, songwriting skills to die for and an independent, fiery spirit that I really admire. Last time she played in Ireland I went to see her in Cork and Galway, despite the risk of looking like a stalker! Her merch lady was lovely and, when she saw I was wearing a Hideout pin (it’s a Chicago venue), she gave me some free Neko badges which I treasure. This track’s from Neko’s ‘Blacklisted’, which was the first album I got of hers – I bought it in Reckless Records in Chicago. Lots of Chicago links with Neko!

This song is about the Green River Killer…shudder!

Big Star – ‘Ballad of El Goodo’ – #1 Record

Big Star are one of those almost seminal bands who are considered power-pop heroes. Alex Chilton, the frontman, is an almost legendary character who lived quite the rock n roll lifestyle. This is from their debut album – do they even make debut albums like this anymore?

Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day

I used to play this song a lot on the old Sweet Oblivion. It’s such a sad, sad song, but so beautiful. I went through a serious phase of being obsessed with Sufjan (thanks to a friend Jim who burned ‘Seven Swans’ for me!) after ‘Seven Swans’ came out, and when I worked for a few months in a record shop I tried to sell as many copies of his albums as possible…!

John Vanderslice – ‘Fetal Horses’ – Romanian Names

Have I said yet that I can’t go to this gig on Friday? Oh yes I have… *cry* If you’re going to this, enjoy you lucky feckers…and tell him I said hi! This is a track from his latest album, which is one of my favourite releases from 2009.  Check out my interview with the man himself here.

John Vanderslice – White Dove – Emerald City

Possibly my favourite of John’s tracks, with really dark and affecting lyrics. Amazing.

Andrew Bird – ‘Imitosis’ – Armchair Apocrypha

Oh Andrew Bird, you classically trained, multi-talented musician, you – putting us to shame with your gift for writing songs with little-used words and perfect pronounciation….

If you hate insects (like me) you’ll find this video pretty tough going!

The Besnard Lakes – Disaster – The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse

This Canadian band really are dark horses! I did a google to find out what they’ve been up to and it turns out they’re finally releasing their third album in 2010…I bloody hope so! This is a wonderfully epic and dramatic album.

Calexico and Iron & Wine – He Lays in the Reins

I LOVE love love this collaboration by Calexico and Iron & Wine – it’s just pure country perfection. It doesn’t seem to be talked about much, but for a short album it packs nothing but quality in. Fantastic.

The Hedge Schools – Sunday Song

Pat Barrett from Ten Speed Racer is The Hedge Schools – this album didn’t get all the attention it deserved when it was released in 2008, I think. It really is a lovely album that sounds great when listened to on a wintery night with candles lighting…so atmospheric (mainly due to the Hammond organ used on it)

Junior 85 – Indie Cool Kids of Tomorrow are Plastic Surgery Disasters of Tomorrow

Junior 85 is Tony Higgins, a Galway-based musician who has drummed for the likes of So Cow. His solo stuff is really great and he has written a LOT of songs. They touch on a number of genres and this particular song has a really cool Sonic Youth vibe to it. Great stuff! Visit his myspace to buy his eps here.

Laura Sheeran – It’s Been A Long Day 4 Marc

Another weird (in the nicest sense!) and wonderful song from Laura Sheeran, who will be playing the Black Sun gig at the Granary Theatre in Cork city this Saturday (6th November).

Bonnie Prince Billy – Death to Everyone – I See a Darkness

This BPB track is a morbidly beautiful song. It reminds me of working in the local shop in Douglas in Cork and listening to Dave Fanning on the rare occasions the manager would change the radio from 96Fm to 2Fm…

November 1, 2009

Yakuza video

by sweetoblivion26

Belfast band Yakuza have a  new video out for their track ‘West of the Best’. In the video they sign a deal with the evil boss  of record label Jeff Damn Records (geddit?) and need to be rescued after being trapped in cardboard boxes. Nice to see a band with a real sense of humour about their videos, which suits their indie-rock [edit: this said indie-pop, but I don’t think Yakuza sound like Girls Aloudhowever to avoid confusion I’ve changed it]  (with a smidgen of punk) sound.

This track is taken from their upcoming untitled album.


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