Plug into the Digital Socket Awards

Ireland has never had a huge amount of diversity when it comes to music awards – that’s not meant as any disrespect to the existing awards, but there is definitely room for another one. After all, variety is the spice of life!

So I’m delighted to announce that there is a new music awards on the block – the Digital Socket Awards. Full disclosure – I’m a judge for the awards, along with 20+ other bloggers.

The difference between this and other awards in Ireland is that the public get their say on who should be nominated.

So how can you take part?

Well, readers and music fans are asked to nominate their favourite Irish releases and musicians of the year 2010 – you can do so here.

The bloggers on the judging panel then judge these entries, which will be whittled down into a shortlist. The overall winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 3 February in the Grand Social in Dublin.

Nominations close on 22 December, so make sure you get your choices in asap!

There are 14 categories:

1. Best Design (Website, Artwork, Posters)
2. Best Independent Label
3. Best Video
4. Best Music Photography
5. Best Radio Show
6. Best Pop
7. Best Folk
8. Best Rock and Alternative
9. Best Electronic & Hip Hop
10. Best Indie
11. Best EP
12. Best Newcomer.
13. Best Album
14. Song of the Year

Here’s why the organisers said they set up the awards:

Why are we doing this?
Simply because music matters a lot to us. Blogs have become a really fun way of exploring music and sharing the findings with our readers is the most fun part of all. Although the blog community has grown rapidly over the past five years there has never been an Irish music awards event based on these interests. 2010 was one of the best years ever and we want to celebrate that with you.

To find out more, visit the Digital Socket Awards website.


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