Unreal. Egyptian Lover plays Ireland in February

This is probably the best news of the year for me – Egyptian Lover (Greg Broussard) will play the Grand Social in Dublin in February. I think the last time he played Ireland was at the Mantua Festival a few years back but I’ve never seen him live so I am ultra excited.

Egyptian Lover was one of the pioneers of West Coast rap and was a big player in the LA scene in the 1980s.  He’s a hugely talented DJ – I wish I had his skills! Also, I’ll be honest, I love the fascination with Egypt (he has albums called Platinum Pyramids, On the Nile, and Back from the Tomb; his record label is called Egyptian Empire Records) and the fact he released videos like this:

Plus he keeps thing old-school – he uses his 808 for everything he records, he brings actual records with him when he DJs rather than a laptop, favours analogue equipment and he has an incredible knowledge of music.  This interview with him is amazing (and could that be the greatest record store ever!??)

And in this he talks about his love of vinyl at the DEMF: ‘Not CDs, not Serato, NO!’

If you’re a fan of old-school hip hop and rap, and electro geniuses like Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambataa, Prince….then this gig is for you.

More details as I get them – the venue haven’t confirmed the date yet.


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  1. Jo says:

    Love Egyptian Lover. 🙂

    I saw him Live in the ThinkTank temple bar back 2 years ago. Great gig.

    Can’t wait to see him again…

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