Groom get ready to release new album – here’s a taster…

Album cover designed by Ruan Van Vliet, using photos by Cait Fahey and Jody Miller

Dublin band Groom are getting ready to release their latest album, ‘Marriage‘, which is scheduled to drop this month. To launch the record, they have a gig planned for 21 August at the Lower Deck in Portobello, Dublin.

I’ve had a sneaky listen to the album and it’s a beautiful thing – the band have stepped it up a notch since last year’s ‘At the Natural History Museum’, and crafted an album that flows together perfectly.  It is, as you would expect, about love – but not just any ordinary run-of-the-mill love stories. There’s a song about a lab worker remembering an ex-colleague that’s a total hoot.

Groom, like other Popical Island bands such as Land Lovers, have funny, odd lyrics that will bring a wry smile to your face. It’s a joy to hear this band getting better and better.

Popical Island – All the Bored People


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