Las Robertas

I love the fact that female-fronted fuzzy garage pop bands like the Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and Vivian Girls are now ‘en vogue’. For some of us, the love for that sort of music never went away, but others are just discovering how wonderfully brilliant it is.

Thanks to the fantastic feminist music blog Don’t Dance Her Down Boys (I can’t recommend Steph’s mixtapes enough) I’ve been turned onto Costa Rican band Las Robertas. While they don’t have the same sense of melliflousness as Best Coast, for example, there’s something really sweet and hypnotic about their harmonies. You can picture them, with smeared eyeliner and sweaty palms, jamming in a bedroom or scribbling down love-letter-lyrics.

Find them on Bandcamp, Blogspot and Myspace.

Listen to and download their songs here:


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