New obsession: Zola Jesus

If there’s one feeling I treasure, it’s stumbling across a new artist (new to you, or new in general) and falling head-over-heels in love with them. During the early, heady days of your passionate affair you just want to listen to their sweet voice all day. One play of the album is not enough – you want it multiple times. After a while, things may start to cool down a little, but you’ll always hold a spark for them in your heart.

Right now, for me that artist is Zola Jesus. She’s 21-year-old Nika Roza Danilova (21?! I feel like an old, washed-up almost-27-year-old fart listening to her, wondering ‘what have I done with my LIFE?!’), a classically trained singer who’s 80% goth and 20% genius. Yes, you may compare her to Siouxsie (they share a similar urgency in their vocals), but her music is a lot slower-paced and industrial than much of Siouxsie’s output, with the emphasis on the glacially paced synths.

I’ve been playing her a lot on Sweet Oblivion these past few weeks, and expect to hear more of her as the weeks go on. Her new EP, Stridulum, is bloody amazing.

Now, if only I could convince someone to bring her over to play a gig here…..

Clay Bodies

I Can’t Stand


Devil Take You


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  1. adam says:

    I want to wade in and say how much I love Zola Jesus and how GREAT this EP is and how, when I mentioned it on Twitter, she retweeted my compliments but I can’t find the tweet, it makes me look like a douche coz I cannae find it and, on a completely unrelated topic, Pavement were AMAZING tonight. That is all.

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