The Knife release new track

Cut through the boredom that comes with being trapped indoors thanks to this abysmal (well, beautiful, but treacherous!) weather by listening to this fantastic new track by The Knife (via Stereogum)

You know when a band is so totally awesome that you hope and pray each time they bring out a new track that they haven’t ‘lost it’? Well, The Knife are one of those bands. And they still have it, for sure. This particular track – which is more of a percussive piece than their electronic sound of old – is taken from their forthcoming double-album Tomorrow in a Year, which is a collaboration with Mt Sims and Planningtorock and was commissioned by the Danish performance art group’ Hotel Pro Forma, to accompany its opera based on Darwin’s On The Origin Of The Species.

How bird-like are those first vocals?! Wow…

Here’s the tracklist for  Tomorrow, In A Year, which will be released on 1 March. Download the track by subscribing to their mailing list.

The album is out digitally 2/2 (physically 3/9) via Mute. Some tracklist info:
CD 1
1 “Intro”
2 “Epochs”
3 “Geology”
4 “Upheaved”
5 “Minerals”
6 “Ebb Tide Explorer”
7 “Variation Of Birds”
8 “Letter To Henslow”

9 “Schoal Swarm Orchestra”

CD 2
1 “Annie’s Box”
2 “Tumult”
3 “Colouring Of Pigeons”
4 “Seeds”
5 “Tomorrow In A Year”

6 “The Height Of Summer”

Bonus track:  “Annie’s Box” (alt. vocal)


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