Sweet Oblivion playlists – update!

Just catching up on the playlists for the last few shows – the last two shows were repeats because of Christmas time busy-ness, but now things are all back on track for Sweet Oblivion in 2010, have no fear...

On 2nd December I started off crazy with some hip hop, and then got a bit mellow, ending on what is one of the greatest jazz tunes ever, Miles Davis’s ‘So What’. It’s so great to get to play a huge range of music on the show, there’s nothing like rooting through records and just going for what feels ‘right’. The full playlists are after the jump.

Subtle The Mercury Craze – ‘For Hero, For Fool’ (Anticon)

Plastic LittleNot a Thug – ‘Welcome to the Jang House’ (Halftime)

Arabian PrinceInnovative Life – ‘Innovative Life’ (Stones Throw)

Click for more!

Egyptian Lover Freak-a-holic – One Track Mind’ (Egyptian Empire Records)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptian_Lover – genius!

Dr OctagonEarth People – ‘Dr Octagonacologyst’ (Dreamworks/Geffen)


Mavis StaplesDown in Mississippi – ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’ (Anti-)

Al Green I’m Glad You’re Mine – ‘I’m Still In Love With You’  (Hi Records)

Sam CookeNothing Can Change This Love – ‘Portrait of Legend 1951 – 1964’ (ABKCO)

Chet BakerThere Will Never Be Another You – Best Of…

Karen DaltonSweet Substitute – ‘It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going to Love You The Best’ (Koch entertainment)

Miles Davis So What – Kind of Blue (Columbia)

On 9th December I played some amazing solo female artists like Neko Case and Mary Margaret O’Hara, some noisy Neutral Milk Hotel and a track by the late Jack Rose, who passed in early December. As always, here are the videos for the tracks:

9th December:

Neko CaseThis Tornado Loves You – ‘Middle Cyclone’

David Vandervelde I Will Be Fine – ‘Waiting for the Sunrise’

Asobi SeksuLayers – ‘Hush’

Jack Rose (RIP) – St Louis Blues – ‘Jack Rose’

Cian NugentThe Emerald Tablet – ‘Childhood, Christian Lies and Slaughter’

Six Organs of AdmittanceWords for Two – ‘School of the Flower’

Bowerbirds Human Hands – ‘Hymns for a Dark Horse’

Akron FamilyGone Beyond – ‘Meek Warrior’

Mazzy Star Blue Light – ‘So Tonight That I Might See’

David CrosbyMusic is Love – ‘I Could Only Remember My Name’

Mary Margaret O’Hara Body’s in Trouble – ‘Miss America’

Arthur RussellWax the Van

(Here’s a different version to the one I played – jackin’!)

Patrick Kelleher and his Cold Dead HandsWonder – ‘You Look Cold’

Neutral Milk HotelHolland 1945 – ‘In An Aeroplane Over the Sea’


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