Arman Bohn interview on State

Some readers may remember that I mentioned an American musician called Arman Bohn on my old blog a few months ago. I had spotted a link to the video for his unreleased song ‘Combat’ (below) on a friend’s facebook page and checked it out – and being the harmonies-obsessed synth-pop fan that I am, I thought it was pretty darn fantastic. At the time, Arman – who lives in Portland, Oregon – was putting the final touches to his album. So when I heard last month that ‘Bits‘ was finally released, I bought it straight away – via, for … Continue reading Arman Bohn interview on State

Fleet Foxes video

On to something a little less heavy – a video of Fleet Foxes playing ‘Drops in the River’ in Café Zapata in Berlin. I took this on my pretty basic digital camera (hence the bad sound, sorry!) and as you’ll see I was really bloody lucky and literally right in front of the band. It was at a gig in July 2008 when I didn’t even own the album – I got it pretty much the next day (while kicking myself for not buying it on vinyl at the gig, gah!) I’d gone to Berlin with Mr Sweet Oblivion for … Continue reading Fleet Foxes video

Review You

There’s a really interesting discussion going on over at Jim Carroll’s Irish Times blog, On the Record. Titled ‘Why writing about Irish bands can be bad for your health’, it started with Jim questioning why Irish bands, in his opinion, are a ‘thin-skinned lot’ who take reviewers’/critics’ opinions far too personally. As you’d expect, this stirred up quite a lot of debate – with the majority of people bemoaning the fact that bands can’t seem to deal with bad reviews; some spoke from the reviewer’s point of view while others tried to play devil’s advocate. A typical argument, you might … Continue reading Review You

A new home for Sweet Oblivion….

The move is finally complete! Welcome to The Sweet Oblivion Blog v 2.0, where you’ll find more interviews, reviews, new and music discussions for your perusal… To launch the blog I have a brand new interview with Cork-born but Galway-based producer John Daly. He’s a man of few words but his amazing music does half the talking for him! You’ll find the interview below this post. (PS: If you want to be added to my blogroll, leave me a comment) Aoife x Continue reading A new home for Sweet Oblivion….

NEW: John Daly Interview

About a year ago, I was down in Cork city for a weekend and looking for something to do on the night of my birthday.  My friends and I were told that a local DJ called John Daly was playing in the Roundy that night, so after stuffing ourselves silly at a local restaurant we made our way over to the pub to check him out…now, I’d love to say that we went, had an amazing time and became instant fans of this new house DJ, but the truth is rather more tragic than that – we peeped our heads … Continue reading NEW: John Daly Interview