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Pic by me, Dublin There are few things better than going through a phase of listening to the same artist for a week after not listening to them for quite a long time. That immediate feeling when you put on the first track is like a restorative sigh – you can instantly relax into that blissful space where every note, every beat is deliciously familiar. With that in mind, here’s some Arthur Russell for your ears. Thanks to his intense work ethic and ability to create music spanning a number of genres, you can listen to him if you’re in … Continue reading Low, Arthur Russell, Lord Huron, Benoit Pioulard

Archive: Low (Alan Sparhawk) interview

Low are one of my favourite bands, and have been since I was in college – but I’ve only ever gotten to see them live once. And that was last year, at Andrew’s Lane Theatre in Dublin. When I first got into them, they had just played Nancy Spain’s in Cork, but as I hadn’t known much of their stuff I didn’t attend. They haven’t played Cork since, and each time they returned to Ireland I was never able to go – exams, money, travel, you name it, there was a reason I couldn’t go. When it came to their gig last year, I was delighted I’d finally, finally get to see them live – and then my colleagues organised a work outing that night – you know, one of those events that’s extremely hard to get out of going to, and one I’d have loved to attend….but in the end, I chose Low, and of course it was the best choice I could have made. I don’t think I stopped thinking about the gig (and my brief chat with Alan) for days after…I only wish I could have made those early Irish gigs.

Low are playing Killarney, as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival, on 15th August. And guess what? I won’t even be in the flipping country. Ever wonder if you’re cursed….?

I was very lucky to do a phone interview with Alan Sparhawk (he, his wife and drummer Mimi Parker and bassist Steve Garrington make up Low) in advance of the Irish gig. He was a great talker and so the interview was far, far longer than the word count I was allocated, and I had to cut about half of what he said. I even turned the interview from my usual style into a Q&A style interview so I could save his quotes, but that still meant a lot had to be cut. I’ve always wanted to put the rest of what he said online for others to read, so I’ve decided to do that today.

Below is the original interview, and beneath it is the unedited transcript of the rest of the interview. I hope you enjoy it.

From the Event Guide

By Aoife Barry

Duluth, Minnesota-based band Low have been together for more than 15 years, specialising in their own unique brand of minimalistic, down-tempo indie rock. Over their last few albums, the band have expanded their sound and added heavier elements that, rather than alienating fans of their original lo-fi sound, have brought them even more international acclaim. The band’s eighth album, ‘Drums and Guns’, was released in 2007.
The core of the group is husband and wife Alan Sparhawk (guitars/ vocals) and Mimi Parker (drums/vocals), while newest member of the band is bassist Steve Garrington. Aoife Barry spoke to Alan Sparhawk as the band prepared to return to Ireland for what promises to be another very special

You’re at home in Duluth at the moment – is Duluth somewhere where you can relax and get away with everything to do with the band?

Yeah, it’s sort of weird – it’s nice to be home, and obviously family and everyone’s here and you get some rest, but the weirdest thing about coming home is the adjustment. When you’re on tour, your mind gets used to kind of moving every day, you have a specific goal each day that you’re trying to get done, and then at the end of the day
you’re done. But when you get home it’s a little more amorphous, and you end up at the end of the day going ‘What did I do today? Did I get done what I was supposed to? What’s going on here?’ (Laughs) Hopefully it’s not like my ego is addicted to it. You get used to that small world.

Are you looking forward to playing Ireland again?

Our first few experiences playing Ireland, we played smaller cities as well because we drove around quite a bit. We went up to Cork and places like that. The first time we played it we played some crazy lodge. I guess being around the country is nice because Dublin is so big, it’s so good to get around the country. Yeah we really have nice shows [there] so it’s always kind of a good tone to the fans there I find. Every place has its unique feel to it. Dublin’s very distinct. Continue reading “Archive: Low (Alan Sparhawk) interview”