Arman Bohn interview on State

Some readers may remember that I mentioned an American musician called Arman Bohn on my old blog a few months ago. I had spotted a link to the video for his unreleased song ‘Combat’ (below) on a friend’s facebook page and checked it out – and being the harmonies-obsessed synth-pop fan that I am, I thought it was pretty darn fantastic.

At the time, Arman – who lives in Portland, Oregon – was putting the final touches to his album. So when I heard last month that ‘Bits‘ was finally released, I bought it straight away – via, for just over €7 – and was delighted to find that it completely lived up to my expectations.

Of course, being the nosey journalist that I am I decided to get in touch with Arman and ask him to do an email interview. I’m really happy with the results as there is a great story behind the album and it really comes across in the piece.  If you’re a video game fan then you’ll find the interview particularly interesting! Thanks a million to Arman for doing the interview.

Check it out here.


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