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Amusement Parks on Fire
Originally appeared in the Event Guide, January 2009
By Aoife Barry
Young British band Amusement Parks on Fire formed around five years ago – starting off as a solo project of frontman Michael Feerick, and going on to become a five-piece band, with Feerick now joined by Daniel Knowles (guitar/production), Peter Dale (drums), Gavin Poole (bass) and Joe Hardy (keyboard). Although the band are influenced by the early ’90s grunge era, they’re frequently compared to shoegazer acts such as My Bloody Valentine, thanks to their sweeping soundscapes and epic tracks. This year the band are about to record not one but two new albums – and will be bringing out an EP in the coming months. Michael Feerick speaks to Aoife Barry about the year ahead.

It’s going to be a busy 2009 for Amusement Parks on Fire – not content with following up their last full-length release, ‘Out of the Angeles’, with one album, they’ve decided to record two – on separate continents. Oh, and there’s that EP to record before all that happens. It’s a typically energetic approach to their music that shows not just the youth but the enthusiasm of a band who are itching to get their new material out there.

As frontman Michael explains: “We’re recording the next album ourselves again but we have a different mixer – we’re going on tour to America in the summer and we’ve got an American mixer doing it, he’s worked with Beck and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and a few other people. So that’s exciting – it’s a bit different this time.”
The album is set to be recorded in LA this summer, around the same time as the band’s US tour. “We’ve got a few tours coming up over there and we’ve got a few festivals so we thought we’d try and do it there, otherwise we might never record the thing. It’s been building up for two years or something now,” explains Michael. Then they’re going to decamp to England to record yet another release. “We have so much material,” says the vocalist. “I just wish we had more time to track it all.” Continue reading “Archive: Amusement Parks on Fire interviews”