Hey folks – I’ve changed my domain from to While it feels a bit weird having what some call a ‘vanity’ domain, I had left the old domain lapse and it has been bought by some marketing company in the meantime.

So if you happen to have that old address on your blogroll, I’d really appreciate if you could change it to to avoid people thinking I’ve completely changed career direction. Freelance journalism is certainly not easy at the moment, but I swear I haven’t jumped ship…!

Thanks a million.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nay says:

    Think the domain works really well, it does look nice!

  2. sweetoblivion26 says:

    Aw, thanks Nay! It’s weird using my own name, but sure, tis grand. Really liked your comments on the OTR piece about blogging. Lots to agree with there. A.

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