C’mon, listen to Low

I’ve probably mentioned a million times that Low are one of my all-time favourite bands. To my ears, they’re perfection. And yet I found their last full-length, Drums & Guns just a little too dark to handle at times.

So perhaps it was inevitable that I’d be a tad nervous about their next album, C’mon, which is released on 12 April. It has been three years since the drum machine-heavy Drums & Guns – would their latest work be even darker?

But all my fears dissipated when I heard the opening few bars of Try to Sleep, the first track from C’mon. It’s beautiful.

It’s vintage Low – sugar sweet harmonies, just the right amount of pathos, and a xylophone that makes my heart bleed.

Listen, then sign up to Chairkickers, their official website, to get a free download of the track.


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