New Girls EP – plus free MP3

San Francisco’s GIRLS will bring out a brand new EP, ‘Broken Dreams Club’ on 22 November – and they’ve released an MP3 of the track ‘Heartbreaker’ for free download.

Simply click here and enter your email address to be sent the download link.

The song? Shimmery guitars, fragile vocals, heartbroken lyrics, and the gentle swagger we love so much – a treat.

Here’s what frontman Christopher Owens has to say about the EP:

We couldn’t have made this record without you. So this is our gift to you, our way of saying thank you for giving us the chance to work at the level we’ve always wanted to and a taste of things to come. We really couldn’t have done this record without each one of you. This isn’t Girls all grown up, but it’s certainly the next step up from Album. This is Broken Dreams Club – a record from our hearts to yours. This is your new record as much as ours. Thank you for this opportunity and as always, thank you for listening.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. I know the song. It’s beautiful!

  2. Sasha Lane says:

    The new EP is simply amazing.

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