Sweet Oblivion on 2FM

If, like me, you were otherwise engaged last Sunday evening*, then you missed Sweet Oblivion on 2FM. (Along with a host of other 2XM shows of course!)

But fear not – here’s the Soundcloud link, where you can listen to your heart’s content.

Here are some recent shows if you’d like to see what Sweet Oblivion is all about (click through to ‘info’ for the playlist and links)

23 September

30 September

*I was dancing my ass off at the of Montreal gig at The Academy – accompanied by one uber-fan and one new fan, we all had a freaking amazing time! I even got to dance with a man dressed as some sort of silver alien-type creature. Oh, and K Barnes wore an apron over a pair of pink tights. Quite the trendsetter!


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