Plugd to Reopen

Brilliant news! Plugd is reopening!

According to an interview in the Cork Independent:

Jim tells the Cork Independent that Plugd will be re-opening on Saturday 28 August in the ESB Substation on Caroline Street. But it won’t stay there for long. “Early next year we will be following the Triskel back to their expanded Christchurch space on Tobin St. The shop will be on the first floor, about the same size as the Substation. If anyone likes lifting vinyl give us a shout!

“The extra space has opened a lot of possibilities for us – for a start we plan to have weekly gigs which will be programmed in collaboration with Triskel and The Black Mariah,” he says. Plugd will share space with their old partner The Black Mariah in the ESB Substation.


The plan is to expand the range of what they can sell, now that they have extra space to play with, according to Jim. “We will be expanding our magazine / book section, and introducing elements of poster and t-shirt design from distributors while also encouraging local artists to submit proposals for clothing designs and posters to sell in the space. There are other ideas floating about which will be considered.”


The shutting of Plugd caused sadness in Cork music circles. “The response was incredible,” says Albert. “There was lots of goodwill and support; it was hard not to be emotional at times.”

Jim echoes the same sentiments. “Myself and Al didn’t realise what Plugd meant to so many people. The shop reopening has a lot to do with that response.”

I’m delighted. Congrats Albert and Jim, this is brilliant news for Cork!

Let them know what you think on the PROC.


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  1. Brian says:

    Excellent news!!!

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