I wanted to kiss you, but I wasn’t sure how

I love those unexpected moments when a song transports you back in time….you throw the CD on and before you know it, you’re back in the Lobby Bar or Pine Lodge or the Half Moon or even the Hideout…and Rennie’s talking about her Dali paintings and Brett’s talking about gout.



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  1. tenacioustimothy says:

    Ahh for somebody unsure, it sure was sweet:-)

  2. Jimmy says:

    Ah yes! I used to listen to A Beautiful Thing over and over. She writes the saddest lyrics……

    “We should have been dancing like lovers in a movie
    But I fell and cut my head in the snow.

    I wanted to tell you you all the ways that I loved you,
    but instead I got sick on the train..”

    Listening to Dutch Boy right now. Used to always shout for it in Whelans, the 3 or 4 times I saw them.

    “My heart it goes out to the poor little Dutch Boy, who stopped the graet flood with the tip of his thumb…”

    They should publish a book of her lyrics. Maybe they have!

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