Hair, there, everywhere

Perm-anently confused

I admit that I have an aversion to bands that have ridiculous haircuts. I’m no fan of sideswept emo fringes; I’ve had enough of fauxhawks; and I really could care less about MGMT’s bandanas. So when I saw Darwin Deez’s Austen-like curls, I was a little dubious about whether he was a solid musician or a tragic hipster. Yes, I can be judgemental like that….

However, I’m going to have to eat my hair words because on the strength of his fantastic new single ‘Radar Detector’, (thanks to Bernie Divilly for bringing it to my attention – that gal has serious taste) I can safely say that hipster or not, he can write one heck of a tune. Cute, heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics? Check. A chorus that’s destined to get stuck in your head? Check. A bizarre phrase – ‘radar detector’ – that makes so little sense it makes sense? Check.

This single will be released in Ireland, the UK and USA on April 5th:



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