New Midlake album – review

I have a review of the new Midlake album – which is rather excellent – on State. Read it here:

I was very, very lucky to do an interview with lead singer Tim on Friday – if you’d told me that back in 2006 when I listened to their CD on the bus to work every day, I would definitely not have believed you! I’ll let you know when it’s online.

Everyone have their tickets for the gig?


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  1. Jimmy says:

    Nice review! My favourite tracks off Van Occuphenomenal were the title track, the one where its “hard for him but he’s trying”, and Chasing After Deer. If any of the new songs follow that path, then I’m happy. I totally can’t believe its almost 4 years old!

    The deadliest thing just happened.. I won the album and tickets to the show, on Paul McLoone’s Today FM show tonight.

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