First Sweet Oblivion show on 2XM – playlist

Can I just have a moment to…squee! Thanks. So, the first Sweet Oblivion radio show was on 2XM at 8pm tonight, and in order to quell my nerves while listening to it online here , I compiled this playlist for the show. Here are videos for most of the tracks/artists, or links to myspace sites etc.

During the show I spoke about the event Black Sun – find out more about it by reading this interview with Vicky Langan, and visiting the myspace site to find out about the gig on the 7th November, which will feature Oblivia (love her name 😉 ) and Ju Suk Reet Meate of Smegma, Jozef Wissem and Laura Sheeran, as well as vegan cakes and independent distros selling records.

Thanks so much to everyone who listened in, see you next week, same time, same place!
If you have any feedback, requests, or comments, I’d love to hear them



Elliott Smith – ‘Rose Parade’ – Either/Or

It was the sixth anniversary of Elliott’s death last week, so I decided to play three of his songs to open up the show.

Elliott Smith – ‘Placeholder’ – New Moon

Elliott Smith – ‘Baby Britain’ – XO


Benoit Pioulard – ‘Triggering Back’ – Précis

‘Obsessed’ doesn’t quite cover my feelings about this track. I think it’s pure perfection, and hopefully you will too.


Low – ‘In Metal’ – Things We Lost in the Fire

One of my absolutefavouritebandsever, Low are a band you’re guaranteed to hear more from on Sweet Oblivion. This is the closer to the fantastic Things We Lost in the Fire and it’s for all you parents out there.

web myspace

The Posies – ‘Solar Sister’ – Frosting on the Beater

I love my power-pop, and think this could well be one of the greatest power-pop songs ever. The harmonies!


Ride – ‘Kaleidoscope’ – Nowhere

Am I allowed call them shoegazers? Who cares – this is a great track from what many think is their best album


Jozef Van Wissem – ‘It is All That is Made’

Lute playing never sounded so good – Jozef plays the Black Sun gig on 7th November in The Granary Theatre. Can’t wait to see him after checking out his tunes. This is definitely a coup for Cork city.


Laura Sheeran – The Fresh Blood’

Laura plays the Black Sun event also – I’ve never seen her live, but have heard she’s brilliant…and listening to her stuff I think that definitely has to be true! Here’s another song by her.


Sunken Foal – ‘Rik Raq Retina’ – DEAF Compilation

It took me ages to realise that ‘Sunken Foal’ is a bastardised version of ‘Funk ‘n Soul’ …this track is from the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF) official double CD and is really great – a bit dark, and sparse in places, but it builds up nicely. Here’s something from his album Fallen Arches, which came out in 2008.


Toby Kaar – ‘Bread’ – DEAF compilation

Toby is from Cork – but I believe he’s recently relocated to pastures anew, sniff – and while he doesn’t have any ‘official’ releases he does have some self-distributed stuff. Please visit his myspace as I think he’s a person to keep a close eye on. Here’s an entertaining video of him playing with some hand dryers (!) at a function (college ball?) in Cork. The description is pretty hilarious – as are the drunken friends! Luckily his music is better than his hand dryer skills (sorry Toby!!)


Martin Finke – ‘Stay’ – Make Daylight


This isn’t a video of Martin’s track, but it looks like he provided the music for this guide to Clifden, where he grew up….Martin’s one of Ireland’s most underrated musicians and consistently brings out great stuff. His latest album Make Daylight has lots of shoegazey sounds going on and is a lovely step forward for him. You can buy that and his other albums on his website. Tell him I sent you.

Arthur Russell – ‘The Platform on the Ocean’

What can I saw about Arthur Russell only that…when I first heard his name I thought he was a country singer. My bad. It turned out he was actually one of the most innnovative, creative and downright fascinating musicians of past few decades – and as comfortable making savage disco tracks as he was recording reverb-laden solo cello works.  I’m still making my way through his back catalogue – Arthur sadly died of AIDs in 1992, aged just 40 – and find myself inspired and moved at every turn.


Chromatics – Night Drive

Chromatics are signed to the fantastic Italians Do it Better label, of which band member Johnny Jewel (also in the disco-tastic Glass Candy) is a co-owner, along with Mike Simonetti. If you fancy yourself a Twin Peaks fan, then you’ll love their dark sounds. Love the drum beats at the start.


Stevie Wonder – ‘Higher Ground’ – Innervisions

Ah, Stevie. I don’t think I’ve ever played Stevie on one of my shows before. Why the hell not? Listening to him reminds  me of being a kid, but also makes me want to break out my bell bottoms and dance around the kitchen.



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