[Pics] Moving house

My mum moved house last month, out of the family home where we had lived for more than 20 years.

I took these photos during the move, feeling restless and strange about the house being emptied of everything that had meant ‘home’ since I was a child.

I’ll miss the squeaky step at the bottom of the stairs, the front door that would never shut properly unless you shoved it like you were furious with someone, the cold terracotta-coloured tiles, the kitchen walls that must bear at least five much-deliberated-over layers of paint, the strange noises that emanated from the attic at night, the weird palm tree out the back garden, the shed full of random odds and ends, the tree whose branch I used to swing from, the mossy driveway, my old bedroom, the walk from the bus stop to the house that felt shorter and less scary the older I got.

Still, to new beginnings. There will be another house I’ll love somewhere else, soon.


F1000004 F1000011-001 F1000012 F1000013 F1000015 F1000016 F1000017-001

F1000021-001 F1000023-001 F1000024



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  1. Jake Martin says:

    Ohhh now that must have been really difficult for your mom too, she must have more memories with that house:(
    But a new house means a new beginning and a chance to do things in a different way and create newer memories for the future.
    Love the clicks, you seem to have captured every place that one can possibly go around in the house. I hope you like the new place too and are able to get used to the new place soon. Look forward to seeing a few clicks of the new house too soon.

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